How to Unlock Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Super Attacks, Use and Upgrade

Super Attacks are lethal combat moves in Dragon Ball Z having different effects that depend upon the scenario. In this guide on How to Unlock Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Super Attacks, Use and Upgrade, we have given the techniques for unlocking Super Attacks along with tips on how you can use them in a battle.

How to Unlock Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Super Attacks, Use and Upgrade

These Super Attacks in DBZ Kakarot can really turn the tables in the battle so it is a good idea to unlock and master them.

How to Unlock Super Attacks
Let’s start off with the requirements to unlock Super Attacks. First of all, the need for a training area is compulsory. If you want to unlock new Super Attacks, you need to select any of Goku’s allies and add them to your side and unlock the Super Attacks for those given characters.

Also, you can only unlock Super Attacks if you progress in the Main Story and unlock the required training battles, because some unlockable Super Attacks are story related therefore you need to continue the main story till the point where you unlock the Super Attacks.

Now, with the main story out of the way. The second most important requirement to unlock Super Attacks are D-Medals and Z-Orbs.

As each character in DBZ: Kakarot have two or three Super Attacks and to add them to your character’s arsenal, these Orbs and Medals are required.

The D-Medals are randomly found during your search for side missions in the open World. Don’t miss any of them because even one can affect your chance of unlocking the Super Attacks.

You can find the Z-Orbs by winning battles all around the game. Since unlocking the Super Attack requires plenty of Z-orbs therefore, you may want to collect as many as possible.

After collecting all the given Z- Orbs and D-Medals, you must visit the Skill Tree and with the help of the Z-orbs you collected, you can unlock moves that are required to unlock your upcoming Super Attack.

And the final requirement to unlock Super Attacks is Completing Training Battles. This is the simplest one, as you’ll need to surf Training Grounds in the world map and find battles to compete in and enjoy unlocking your Attacks.

How to Use Super Attacks
When in a battle, open the Super Attack Palette and use the corresponding button to perform that attack. Once you’ve learned to perform the attacks, simply slot them into the Super Attack Palette and have fun using them.

Unlockable Super Attacks require Ki and without it, you can’t use them. All you need to do is charge up and use your Ki in a way that you don’t lose the momentum when blasting your opponent, and make sure you focus on the movement of the opponent as well. Because after the Ki is performed; you’ll be opened to attacks so, be careful!

This was our guide for unlocking the DBZ Kakarot Super Attacks along with their usage

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