How to Unlock Characters in Indivisible

Indivisible is filled with a plethora of interesting characters that will aid you on your adventure. Each character in Indivisible is unique and has its own backstory.

Some of these characters in Indivisible can be recruited right away by playing the story missions while others require you to do certain tasks to unlock them. This guide covers each of them individually and what’s required to recruit them.

How to Unlock Characters in Indivisible

Each character in Indivisible has their own unique selection of attacks, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s vital that you build a balanced party that can overcome the various challenges the game throws at you.

Some characters are basic, others, more complex. Check out our character unlock guide below for the characters we’ve unlocked on our journey so far.

He’s an Incarnation who is also the Lieutenant of Ravannavar’s. He has particularly high Iddhi and is the first character you unlock during your story playthrough. You can’t miss him.

Razmi is one of the Incarnations but due to awkwardness, she doesn’t get along with the others. She can cast spells and hexes while setting enemies ablaze with Bom. You encounter her early in the story so you can’t miss her.

Ginseng Honey
Ginseng is a botanist and her companion is named Honey. You will encounter the young botanist during your playthrough and will be tasked to find three Resurrection Lilies in the area.

Head down the path to the right after the encounter and go down to the underground ruins. Eventually, you’ll come to a point where you can jump down. Don’t do that. Instead, you should wall jump off the ledge to get to the top. The Axe can help with this. You will then find your first Lily.

After that, drop down and follow the path until you encounter a hole. Go past it and climb up the right side to collect the second Lily. Then go back and enter the hole to engage in a boss fight. Once he is beaten, use the axe to scale the wall while wall jumping to the top. Jump over the roots on the top and then use your axe to make your way through. You’ll then collect the last Lily and kill another enemy.

Once you give the Lilies to Ginseng, the pair will join your group.

Zebei is a survivor from a nomadic tribe in the Asura Realm. He took refuge with the monks in Lhan. Using his archery skills, he protects the sacred city and Mount Sumeru. You can unlock him once you free him from the prison in Fortress Vimana.

Tungar is the game’s first optional incarnation and a knight of the former Shayak kingdom. He is proficient with the urumi blade and a strong warrior despite his physical scars. You also find him in Fortress Vimana as a prisoner. Destroy the device to open all the doors and free him then recruit him.

Kushi trains with Altun as she watches over the city of Lhan. She does this to pay back the Monks for taking her in after she lost everything. Her goal is to join The Protectors of Lhan and the sacred mountain, Mt. Sumeru. You recruit her after you complete the boss battle in the fortress.

Thorani is one of the few scattered devas that now remain in Loka.  She heals others with magical water that her hair secretes. She also uses this to protect herself against enemies. You recruit her after finishing Mt Sumeru

Qadira was unable to join her baby brother Husam when he was drafted into the military. This is because local customs would not allow her to join him.  After he left, became an armorer with only letters of Husam’s tales to soothe her. When Husam went missing, all that she was told they found of him was his sword and the green cape she gave him before he left. She now wears that cape as a member of the army while calling herself “Asim” to find him.

You encounter her in the Almutah Sands just before you get to the Temple.

This mechanic reminds you of your current objective. You meet her in Port Maerifa.

Baozhai of the Black Jade
Calling herself the “Queen of the Pirates,” Baozhai is inflicted her reign over the Iron Kingdom’s waters for ages with her army of pirates.  You meet her at the pub in Port Maerifa once you come back from the Tower of Wisdom.

You find him once you’re done clearing the barricade at Port Maerifa. He’s by the nearest save point.

Phoebe and husband were freedom fighters. When she lost her husband, she fulfilled his dying with by running off with their two children, Aster and Egan. They escaped their burning home and then turned to you  to help them reclaim their homeland one day.

You find her in the town after you’re done clearing the blockade at Port Maerifa. She’s the big woman with a spear standing next to an old man. Agree to teach her children to be better fighters and then go to the desert region. You recruit her by beating her in a sparring match.

Nuna wants live up to her older sister’s reputation but doesn’t know how. She has phytomantic powers that she wants to use for the betterment of her people.  She is taked by Nijone to find Angwu.  You recruit her after saving her life in Kaanul.

You need to have the advanced slide ability unlocked to access the area in Kaanul where you’ll find her. She doesn’t participate in the fights but does dye your clothes.

Hunoch Xiboc
These twin brothers are star players of Tlatchlibol and constantly train themselves to become better. You’ll encounter them during your playthrough and they will state their desire to exact revenge for the deaths of their father and uncle.