How to Unlock Bayonetta In The Wonderful 101

Platinum Games has publicly released the cheat code or hidden command to unlock Wonder Bayonetta and others in The Wonderful 101.

Bayonetta was already an unlockable character in the game. However, getting her unlocked was becoming extremely difficult for most of the players, which is why Platinum has released this hidden command.

To unlock it, you will just have to do the following steps:

  • (OK even with a low difficulty!) That it is clear to the end game
  • It is necessary O · parts is expensive (money) to get the character
  • Let’s enter the command hidden in a specific location on each stage
  • Hidden command: while pressing the ZR button [↑ ↓ ↑ → ← XBYA]

And easy to remember to think the order of the push-button and press the four-way controller, and draw a “P +”!

If you want to get more detailed information on how to unlock characters for The Wonderful 101, visit the official website of Platinum Games.

There are a lot of Bayonetta fans out there and I am sure that they would love to play as their favorite character in the popular action title.

The Wonderful 101 is available in all regions, exclusively for Wii U.

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