How to Unlock and Equip the Division 2 Masks, Weapon Skins, Clothes, and Unlockables

Learn how to unlock and equip The Division 2 Masks, Weapon Skins, and other customization unlockables with the help of our guide.

The Division 2 Customization

First, let us talk about Weapon Skins. They are what their name suggests i.e. customized skins for your weapons that have absolutely no impact on your efficiency in combat.

You can buy the Weapon Skins using Premium Credits from the in-game store.

To equip a Weapon Skin on a weapon, you first need to have a weapon that is compatible with the skin. You need to have a “Skin Mod” slot on a weapon for your Weapon Skin to fit on the weapon.

Do note that “Common” and “Uncommon” weapons do not possess these slots. Hence, you need to have a Blue-tier or a higher rarity weapon.

Now if you have those, open the weapon’s inventory and to the “Mod” screen of the weapon. Once done, open the “Skin Slot” that will be on the back of a weapon and equip whichever skin you want.

Face Masks

There is a total of 12 Face Masks in the Division 2 and as of now, we have information on 10 of them and how to unlock them.

To get these masks, you need to fight off the Hunters that appear after you have either reached Level 30 or are playing with a friend who is at Level 30.

This will help you with the Level 30+ Hunters spawning and by fighting them off, you will be able to get your hands on a variety of different Masks. The Masks are:

1. Ghoul Mask
This mask’s location is West Potomac Park that you can find at the southwest of your map. When you reach this location, you would have to go inside the manhole beneath the National Mall.

You have to climb down the ladder that will take you to a tunnel. Follow this tunnel and soon you will reach a room with a staircase front ahead. Climb up the staircase and on your left side, you will find the table with a laptop over it.

You have to reach to that laptop and interact with it.

Activating this computer will shoot off some light on the map above it. There will be a location marked on the map that is where your first Hunter will be spawning.

There will be a moon drawn over the marked location which shows that you have to visit the location at night otherwise the hunter will not be showing up.

The location is of a pool in the park. Go to that location and you will be shooting off a flickering light bulb that will cause the Hunter to spawn. Make sure to complete this level during nighttime, as the Hunter will go away after that.

2. Wraith Mask
The location for this Face Mask is southwest of Capitol Hill. Once you reach this location, you will see a pool there. Go there and you will find the Eagle Monument over the wall of the pool.

You have to use the “Salute” emote which will make the Hunter spawn. It is not necessary that the Hunter spawns after the first “Salute” emote so keep doing it until he does spawn.

3. Crimson Mask
The location for this map is at the District Union Arena around the Stronghold. When you reach this location, you have to move inside to lobbies on both side of the courtyard.

One lobby has a computer and the other has a phone. Interact with both of them and go back to the courtyard where the Hunter will spawn.

4. Diamond, Death, Cross, and Phantom Mask
You will find these four Masks at the same location that is in the Park of the East Mall. The Hunters for four masks will be different but all will be spawning at the same time and you would have to kill them in the same area.

You will find a cafe once you reach the location. Enter the cafe and go to its counter where there will be a green coffee maker. Pull its lever down and move back outside towards the Christmas tree. Wait for some time before all four Hunters spawn.

Although while playing this game, we had to fight off four Hunters, it has been reported that certain people only had to fight three Hunters for three Face Masks and that the Masks varied at times.

Since all the four Hunters do not really show at the same spot, it is possible for some players to not see the fourth Hunter.

5. Demon Mask
The location for this mask is south from the Downtown East District. Go to the building near the White House – the building is between E and F Street. Enter the building and take a right from there.

There will be a platform on your left once you go outside. Climb over it and you will see four buildings having targets over their windows.

You have to shoot the four targets from the highest to the lowest to spawn the Hunter.

6. Midas and Reverent Masks
Again, these two Face Masks will be found at the same location and for each mask, a Hunter will spawn. Location for these masks is at the West End Area at the Potomac Event Centre.

Enter that building and you will locate a swimming pool on your right side. Enter the pool and start doing Jumping Jacks.


With everything going on with The Division 2, you cannot really forget about the customization in your clothing. Yes! At least you need to look graceful when you are liberating D.C. Now, how do you unlock these clothes?

The Side Missions that you come across and the Settlements Projects that you complete. All these, when finished, provide you with cosmetics and XP but with that, you also unlock some Clothing Items.

When doing these missions or exploring around the world of Division 2, you will come across “Caches” that will reward you with high-tier loot and other cosmetic items.

You will again be unlocking some clothing items in these as well. You can also buy clothing items with your real money from the in-game store.