How to Unlock All Endings in NieR Replicant

In this guide, we will learn How to Unlock All Endings in NieR Replicant Remaster. This game allows the player to experience multiple endings, each being more unique than the other. We recommend you tread carefully around this guide as it boasts heavy spoilers for NieR Replicant.

How to Unlock All Endings in NieR Replicant

Let’s discuss how we can experience all the endings from NieR in this game. There are five endings in this game. Endings A through E and each one is different from the other in its unique way, that we’re sure you’re as curious as us to witness first-hand.

Ending A
If you play the game till the very end, this is the ending you will get. In this ending, your character will be close to killing Gestalt Nier. When he looks at the Shadowlord after losing hope, Replicant takes him out after a little hesitation.

Nier travels to Yonah’s side. He speaks with Grimore Weiss, who tells Neir that she will wake up at the name she loves. The player writes the name. If the name is correct, Yonah wakes up and sees her father for the first time in five years.

In the end, Yonah and The Shadowlord will hold hands, and Gestalt Nier and Yonah will be reunited.

Ending B
You will have to use the same save file for this ending as well. Playing the game again will reveal this ending. This time Nier will be weeping for what he did to Yonah. A series of disturbing cutscenes play, and the game ends.

Ending C
For this ending, you will have to play through ending A and B. As your character, Nier will have to stab Kaine to end her pain while he kisses her. This ending is a combination of ending A and B.

Ending D
For this ending, the character will choose to end their whole existence for Kaine. Choosing to do so will delete the saved file. Everyone will forget that the character ever existed. This is the end.

Ending E
This ending is newly added to the game with the release of NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 or as we call it NieR Replicant remaster. To achieve this ending, you have to start a new game with a different name after Ending D deletes your save file.

Proceed through the game normally till you reach The Aerie and fight against Kaine and Hook. After Kaine is recruited to your cause, you will be able to play as her and have a completely new story to play through with new cutscenes.

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