How to Unlock 14-Heart Event for Harvey in Stardew Valley

There are brand new Heart Events in the new 1.4 update of Stardew Valley. These occur when you relationship with your spouse gets to 14 Hearts. You get to this level by giving the spouses their favorite items to win over their affection.  Once you do, a special event will trigger. This guide will teach you how to unlock 14-Heart event for Harvey in Stardew Valley as your spouse.

How to Unlock 14-Heart Event for Harvey in Stardew Valley

If you’re married to Harvey, then you’re already at 10 Hearts. You can quickly rise to 14 Hearts by giving him some of his favorite food items that we’ve listed below.

  • Coffee
  • Pickles
  • Super Meal.
  • Truffle Oil.
  • Wine

Once you’re at 14 Hearts, you can trigger the Harvey Heart Event by entering your home between 8 pm and 1 am.

Harvey 14-Heart Event
The event is a dinner that Harvey cooks up in the kitchen. You two will sit by the fireplace and eat together while having a nice conversation. Whenever Harvey speaks, you can choose your reply.

Harvey will tell you that he made you an ‘angel hair pasta primavera with clams’ because you deserve a treat for working so hard at the farm.

You can reply with any of these options:

  • “It tastes heavenly.”
  • “It tastes healthy.”
  • “It tastes watery.”
  • “It tastes burnt.”
  • “It tastes like your moustache.”
  • “It tastes like fungus.”

Harvey will then ask about your day, and you can reply with:

  • “I tended the farm.”
  • “I dug around in the caves.”
  • “I spent the day fishing.”
  • “I socialized in town.”
  • “I did a little of everything.”
  • “I can’t remember.”
  • “I didn’t do anything.

Once you two are done dining, this Romeo will offer to do the dishes and then tell you how lucky he is to be married to you. This will conclude the 14 heart event for Harvey.