How to Trade with Porters in Death Stranding

You will come across Porters in Death Stranding after you have no MULEs left in the area and you have successfully opened several delivery outposts. These are not the same as the MULEs or terrorists that you see in the game. The most important thing to note is that they will be in our favor and will not try to steal your cargo. We will discuss how you can trade with these porters and unlock one of the achievements in Death Stranding and also get some loot along the way.

How to Trade with Porters in Death Stranding

You can find them out in the wild and also see them around delivery stations. They wear suits issued by BRIDGES and their work is delivering items to different locations. These NPCs are non-hostile and their purpose is also to deliver stuff, just like Sam himself. Because of their non-hostile nature, they will trade with you happily.

Their suits are white in color and they would have a tag that says Porter on their head. Do you remember how you can like the structures of other players?

If yes, Use the same button to like Porters and get their gratitude in return. You can check your standing with the Porter in you Bridges Menu. Porters mostly travel in duos and carry their stuff in their hands or on their backs.

Porters usually carry two types of cargo. The first one is the basic items which include Climbing Anchors or ladders which they carry in their hands and the second type includes lost precious cargo which they mostly carry on their backs.

If you are able to get this precious cargo from them you can deliver it to the designated location.

To get that stuff from them you can either run them over or you can batter them with the cargo you have and steal their stuff but that would be just wrong.

Sam and the porters are of the same kin so you should respect that. But hey, business is business and sometimes you have to trade junk in order to get some precious stuff in return. It is still evil but it’s no murder, which is why you might have to give them raw deals a lot of times.

To trade with them, press start and go to the cargo menu. Just press start and on the left tab press cargo.

When you get there, check through your inventory for items that you don’t really need or they are just useless. Select the option to carry the useless item in your hand and exit from the menu.

Alert the porters of your location using the touchpad and interact with them. You can also give them wave and they will stop.

If that is not possible you can startle them to force them to stop. When you have stopped them, the arm you have cargo in must have the trigger tied to it which will make the cargo hang by your side.

When you have done that just go up to the porter and they wills imply swap the stuff you have with the stuff they have and this is how you are going to trade with a porter.

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