How to Take Out Five Piranha Plants in Mario Kart Tour

The newest weekly update of Mario Kart Tour has brought some cool new content including a bunch of great new challenges for players to tackle.  One of these Mario Kart Tour challenges requires you to take out five piranha plants, and this walkthrough will help you finish this objective quickly and efficiently.

Take Out Five Piranha Plants in Mario Kart Tour

If you’re at all familiar with the Mario franchise, then you already know what Piranha plants are. These enemies have been a pretty iconic part of the series, and often come out of tubes at the side of the course.

For this Mario Kart Tour challenge, you’re going to want to pick a course that has a sufficient amount of them and then run over five. There is actually a simple and quick way of completing this objective.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you try the challenge on the Yoshi Circuit in the Yoshi Cup. This track offers you three Piranha Plants right off the bat on the right side of the map.

You should definitely select Yoshi as your driver on this course since he has a serious edge over the other racers. You can go into Frenzy mode and start running over the Piranha plants left and right.

If you decide to pick any other driver, then you will only be able to take out the plants by lucking out with the Giant Mushroom.

If you’ve got The Lightning Bolt, you can complete the challenge much quicker since it will destroy all the Piranha plants on the first left turn of the track, along with any more located elsewhere in pipes on this course.

If you don’t have the Lightning Bolt, then try simply driving into one for each Lap and then you can finish the challenge in just 3 races.

Another course that has even more Piranha Plants is Choco Island 2. You can brute force the plants or throw shells at them there.

This track has even more than the Yoshi circuit so you will definitely be done quicker here. You’ll be running into the plants fairly frequently.

Overall, this piranha plant challenge is fairly straightforward and easy to wrap up if you just follow the instructions above.