How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition Coming To Xbox One And PS4

Zombie survival game How To Survive will receive a port for the recent line of consoles. It will be rebranded as How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition and launch both for Xbox One and Playstation 4 in fall of 2014.

This edition will contain all previous downloadable content(DLC) that was available on PC, from its Steam release. There are 6 DLC packs in total, ranging from €0.99 to €1.99 packs.

Some DLC includes a new difficulty level, while others give players a chance to explore new islands or offer new characters. There’s even an additional game mode.

In How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition, you’re tasked with finding pages from a survival guide to make it out while still breathing. Characters will need to scavenge food and water and collect resources as well.

Your goods can be crafted into weapons, tools and so forth. During your travels, you’ll be assaulted by a league of undead, because that’s what the genre is all about.

How To Survive is played in a third person perspective and features multiple characters. It sort of resembles State of Decay, in a slightly more isometric twin-stick way.

Upon release, How To Survive was mostly criticized for being boring and empty. It was fairly repetitive in its model. As such, the game is one in many of publisher 505 Games’ troubled titles.

In the past, How To Survive on Steam received heavy price drops during several promotions in hopes of adding more players to its base. It’s likely that How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition will see a similar fate at some point, though the entry price of $14.99 or €13.99 on Steam isn’t too steep either if you’re hurting for zombie action.

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