How to Suck Blood in Vampyr

Our How to Suck Blood in Vampyr Guide will help you in on how to regenerate bits of your health by sucking blood from others. Though it may sound simple, it is actually not.

You cannot just approach them head-on and expect to go home with the taste of sweet blood in your mouth. Follow our Vampyr Blood Guide to see what you are missing.

How to Suck Blood in Vampyr

Since the main protagonist in the game is a vampire, it goes without saying blood brings more than one benefit to our hero. In addition to health regeneration, your mana, which is responsible for the special supernatural abilities, also replenishes.

This is rather important because unlike health, mana will not be recovered automatically over time. By sucking on the blood and replenishing your mana, you add to your Blood Meter to execute powerful skills and deal massive damage.

You can obtain blood by sinking teeth into either type of victims: innocent citizens or enemies during combat. Of course, the former affects your whole story experience and eventual outcome.

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Mesmerizing and Embracing

As you approach the citizens of London, you will first be required to engage in a conversation before you can quench your thirst for blood.

This means you need to have a higher level of mesmerizing level in order to lure the victims to their potential demise and your potential feast.

Only then, would you be able to see the Embrace Option on the victim once you have taken them to a dark and quiet place. You will also be able to earn many experience points as you suck blood from your victims.

Citizens with a higher mesmerizing level will award higher rewards. XP, in turn, is required to both level up characters and learn new abilities that will come handy in combat.

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Stunning Enemies During Combat

The other way to obtain healthy and fresh-flowing blood is by biting into the enemies that you encounter during a fight scene. This, however, requires your foe to be stunned or staggered before you can sink your teeth into them.

You can proceed to do so, by approaching the enemy from behind stealthily or hit them with melee weapons until their stun meter maxes out.

Now, you will be able to see a prompt on screen for drinking that sweet crimson red. Lastly, as a final resort, you can bite down on sewer rats running all around the city to regenerate small amounts of health and mana.


Not always do you have to be so violent and bloodthirsty. If you are lucky enough, you will find Syringes in some spots which when collected instantly fill both the blood (mana) meter.

Moreover, what makes this method effective is that you can even craft blood syringes from your workbench at a safehouse.

These are portable sources which you can use to utilize Jonathan’s abilities especially when it comes to difficult boss encounters where you might struggle looking for blood.

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Passive Abilities

Lastly, learning new passive abilities will allow you to obtain blood on many of the hits you land. You can look up the skill tree to see what abilities you can learn and what effect they will produce.

Remember, if you attach this automatic blood gaining skill to one of your attack moves like Claws, Coagulation or Shadow Mist, you will have to sacrifice some of the damage potential of the moves.

This means you need to have some moves solely for the purpose of gaining some blood while others should not be compromised and should be used to the maximum when it comes to dealing large amounts of damage.

Claws is basically the latter because it can quickly take out chunks of the enemy’s HP had so better go with the other attacking moves for blood gaining.

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