How to Store Vehicles in Rage 2

Rage 2 features a vast map containing multiple regions that makes vehicles in an integral part as well as an important aspect in the game, helping you save time and evade danger. The versatile title has numerous vehicles of different types fulfilling different roles. In this Rage 2 Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how to store vehicles in the game.

Store Vehicles in Rage 2

Vehicles can be unlocked by exploring and searching for them while some default vehicles are assigned automatically while performing missions. Before we begin, do note that you cannot store vehicles you have recovered from towns.

Vehicles can be found on roadsides or enemy areas. You cannot fast travel a car to towns in order to store. In order to store vehicles, you’ll first have to collect Project Points.

These points can be earned by completing missions. After you have enough points, go to the ‘Project’ menu and purchase ‘Vehicles Extension’ upgrade using the points mentioned above.

After that, you just have to find a vehicle that you are comfortable driving. Vehicles can be found near enemy hideouts. Eliminate enemies and steal their vehicles.

Bring the vehicles to any of the big towns and done your vehicle is stored that can be used for the upcoming missions and explorations.

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