How to Store Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not just about making friends and building a new home on a deserted island, it is also about holding items and storing them. It can be fish, bug, furniture, tools, etc. Your inventory will be full soon enough after reaching this new paradise. So this guide is will show you How to Store Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons in your storage and free up pocket space.

How to Store Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons

So starting off with the guide, you will have a very limited inventory space and even after it enlarges you still won’t be having enough space. Due to which question which arises is “Where to put all this stuff?”

For beginners or newcomers you can place items downside of your tent and later on, you will be having more options once you have upgraded to a house.

Though one of the best upgrades in this series is that you can drop your item anywhere. In case you are running out of storage, you can drop the item on the ground and later you can pick it up from the spot.

However, if you have upgraded to a house in which you can do it by paying off your 5000 Nook Miles loan to Tom Nook. If you are in a scenario in which you don’t know about Nook Miles than, Nook Miles is a progression currency that you can earn it through Nook Miles Activities.

So once you have paid 5000 Nook Miles loan to Tom Nook, visit him again and he will talk to you about a house. Inquire about the house and will agree to make one for you for 98000 whose payment can be done later on in the game. So accept the offer and wait for a day to get the house built.

Once the house is built, enter it and you can store any of your items from your inventory in the storage.

Once you have stored the item, press the D-pad to open up your storage and pick anything you want from it. It is a good spot to store materials that you are not using straight away like extra woods, rocks, clothes, etc.

Do not forget to store any tools you don’t need before going to a resource island as well since every slot counts.

Though you can also increase your inventory space. First thing you will be required to do is to get more pocket space.

Once you have paid the 5000 Nook Miles debt, you will need to save more 5000 Nook Miles. Once you have saved them again head to the Nook Stop and select redeem Nook Miles.

The item for which you have save 5000 points again is called Pocket Organization Guide. It organizes your pockets due to which you can store more items. This item will provide you with 10 more free slots of inventory space after which you hold on to more items

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