How to Stay Warm in Valheim

The Viking culture-inspired survival game Valheim is brutal in punishing players who don’t respect the elements of nature. If you are not careful, the harsh cold tundra will leave you for dead. In our guide, we’ll tell you how you can try to stay warm in Valheim in the harshest cold in the mountains.

How to Stay Warm in Valheim

Any good survival game can be measured based on how it treats the weather elements and their effect on survival. Valheim is great in that regard and will punish players for not taking precautions against the cold.

Staying Warm in the Mountain Biome

The coldest weather conditions in Valheim are upon the mountains. That is not to say that the cold won’t kill you in other areas as well, just that the harshest areas of cold are the mountains.

The most effective way to fend off the cold, which also is quite obvious, is to get warm clothes. Wolf Armor is one of the craftable armor sets in the game and it provides excellent warmth.

Crafting Armors

The Wolf armor has two parts, the chest and the legs. Each part requires 20 Silver and 5 wolf pelts a piece, while the chest piece will additionally require 1 chain leather and 4 wolf fangs.


Another armor you can craft is the Lox Armor; these are made from reptile-like creatures found in the plains biomes.

Alternate ways to Prevent Cold

To get the silver needed to make warm armor, you need to climb and find it on the mountain. This creates the dilemma of staying warm long enough to find silver, but fear not, for there are alternate ways to keep yourself warm.

You can drink the Frost Resistance Mead, which can keep you warm for up to 10 minutes. To craft the mead, you must:

  • Have a cauldron to make it in (Craftable for 10 tin), and a fermenter below it (craft able with Bronze and Fine Wood from oak or birch).
  • Follow the recipe for it, you’ll need Blood Leeches, Thistle, Honey, etc. and pour it all in the cauldron.
  • Stick it into the fermenter and wait for it to be done, and you’ll have your warm mead.
  • Repeat as many times as you want it.

Another way is to get out of the open and find someplace to warm up before continuing your exploration. If that isn’t available, as will be the case often, you can lay down campfires to keep yourself warm.

The bonus is that you can use them as checkpoints as well. If you make a fire indoors, make sure to set it under a chimney, or you will die of smoke inhalation.

These steps should help you stay warm in Valheim, or in the most extreme cases like on mountains, should be enough for you to survive.

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