How to Start Revelry Event in Destiny 2 – Eva Levante Location

The Revelry is somewhat a new and updated version of the Haunted Forest with some new rules and better rewards. To access the Revelry Event in Destiny 2, you’ve to find Eva Levante, the Tower resident and have to interact with her.

You’ll find her near Ikora in The Bazaar. When you look at her, first, she’ll give you a speech and then the Reveler’s Tonic and 50 Reveler’s Essence.

Revelry Event in Destiny 2

You can use these to decrease the cooling time of your Melee, Class Ability, or Grenade. The second time you interact with Eva, you’ll be able to start the Revelry.

Revelry takes place in the Verdant Forest. Here, you’ll be given a time limit that is of four minutes and you’ll be going out there to kill any enemy in sight.

While you are killing them, you’ll be constantly receiving extra time on your clock but once the time ends, you’ll be fighting off the boss enemies.

There’ll be five bosses in total and killing each will reward you with a chest. If you die, you’ll be sent back and then you’ll have to do all the work again to reach the position you were in before.

The further you move in the game, the harder will it get. Try to kill the bosses quickly and grab every chest, as it’ll reward you with more time and you really need that here.

Once you’ve completed the mission after defeating all the enemies and boss enemies, you’ll be ready to earn your rewards.

Firstly, the reward that everyone is basically playing the game for, Arbalest, the new Exotic Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle.

To acquire this, you have to at least complete seven out of ten Revelry Triumphs which is called the Party Hard Triumph. In addition, this will require you 300 Reveler’s Essence.

The Reveler’s Essence will be used in many different things like to decrease the cooling time of your Melee, Class Ability, or Grenade.

Other than that, if you have 75 Reveler’s Essence, you can also earn Reveler’s Assortments. The Reveler’s Assortments is a box from which you can earn any kind of a cosmetic, depending on your luck.

Your other cosmetics will be at the Eververse Shop and you can acquire them from Tess.

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