How to Start Project Titan Raid in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The long-awaited Project Titan raid is finally out in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.  In this raid mission, you’ll have to locate and destroy four prototype drones. However, some players might be confused as to how to start the raid itself. In this guide, we will show you how to start Project Titan Raid in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

How to Start Project Titan Raid in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Before jumping to your entry, let’s step back a little bit and briefly talk about the mission. Golem Island (The Raid Island) has been taken over by the Group of Red Wolves.

Golem Island was the main spot for experimenting drones under the supervision of a military research unit.

The research was quite risky to control therefore, the Skell Tech put a self-learning AI in charge to safeguard the entire island along with the valuable resource with in it.

However, this plan backfired as the Red Wolves reprogramed the AI and took advantage of it.

Now your team has been given a task to eliminate the danger and to find and destroy four fatal prototype drones before they are fully developed.

How to Access Project Titan Raid
First of all, in order to unlock this Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid mission, two things are required: Gear Level 150 and a full squad of four players.

To reach Gear Level 150, you’ll have to kill as many adversaries as possible along with looting multiple chests and equipping gear you receive in your journey.

Reaching Gear level 150 is not a piece of cake therefore, you should complete the main campaign along with some side missions such as Auroa Missions and Faction Missions. This is probably the easiest method as it can boost your Gear Level up to 140, and for the remaining levels, you can loot gear until to reach your desired level.

Now, let’s about the second raid requirement; having a full squad of four players. In this raid mission, players can easily get irritated. This is where a team comes in need, as you can communicate with them.

Be sure to activate your mic and have a small chat with your squad. This way you can complete the mission along with interacting with your teammates that are giving you company.

With that all done, let’s focus on your strategy on Golem Island. There are three main tips when preparing for your raid: Communication, a proper plan and adapting the environment.

Just like we mentioned before, communication with your teammates is necessary when in Golem Island, this way you won’t get frustrated and can focus on the mission even more.

Moving forward in the mission you should have a proper plan and you must have patience because beating Golem Island drones on your first try is not as simple as it sounds.

Also, adapting your environment is an integral part of the raid, since each boss in the raid brings new gameplay mechanics with him so, teamwork is required! Just keep in mind that after every boss fight, the raids will have a fix checkpoint.

And once you’ve completed the Raid; you’ll receive rewards such as CTMMG Baal, Vector Control Room, KOBLIN, BOSG12, Assault, Panther, Sharpshooter and a Field Medic.

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