How to Start a Kingdom in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

If you are interested in becoming a true king then you will need a kingdom of your own in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord and we will show you in this guide

If you do not know already about Mount & Blade II then you will now, that there is a feature in the game to have a piece of land to yourself and build out a kingdom of your own. In this guide, we will explain everything about How to Start a Kingdom in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, because it might seem very interesting but is not very easy.

How to Start a Kingdom in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

There are a number of main story quests that you need to complete before you can start your own kingdom in Bannerlord. It is quite a time taking process but if you stick with it you will get to the end.

So, first of all, you need to do the most important thing that will get you started with the process, which is to locate the 10 Nobles, which is simply a part of your main story quest so you will get to that but will have to keep the patience.

Locate the Nobles
It will be Neretzes’s Folly quests, asking you to locate 10 Nobles. It will take a lot of your time so get ready and you might also want to leave anything else that you are doing in the game to completely focus on the quest as it will take some time and effort.

There are noble characters in the game and when you are exploring the world in Mount & Blade I, keep your eyes open while interacting with other characters to find noble ones. Sometimes, when you are lucky, you will see a blue icon near Noble characters’ party which means that they are the Noble with some valuable information that you are seeking.

As you are asked to locate 10 of them and they are hard to find if you get to bump into one of them, make sure to track him down to the end at any cost and speak with him to complete one part of this 10-part quest.

Now the best method that you can adopt to find out these nobles is visiting castles as they will be more likely to reside in castle. What you need to do is go to a castle by locating it from the world map and ask the guard to open the gates. Most of the time they will do it for free and then you can go inside and request an audience in the Lord’s Room.

If there is a noble in the castle you will be able to now see them in the world map and then you can go inside and talk to the noble to get the information that you require.

Also, there can be a situation sometimes when noble is not home rather outside exploring, gathering supplies or trading, or there might be a chance that the noble is held by bandits. So you will have to track them down from the castle.

Then you can speak with noble and they will tell you who you need to speak with to get the information you need. The name of a noble will be in blue, keep in mind and you can click the name to get more details such as last known location.

Now you have to get this information by tracking down the newly last known location and repeat the process as long as you don’t get all 10 nobles. When you are done we can proceed next.

After completing the previous quest, you will be given some tasks where you will have to locate pieces of a dragon banner.

This is a basic quest where you will have to hunt down some enemy strongholds, kill some bandits along the way and there are a total of 3 banner pieces and when you get all 3 of them you will have a decision to make.

This is going to be a very important point in the game when you are done with the banner. Now you have the banner and it is up to you to return the banner either to Istiana or Arzagos.

As you can see, this is going to be the ultimate decision whether you want to help the empire to flourish, or to destroy it.

If you choose Istiana then she will give you two choices where you will either have to support an existing faction or you can create a new one of your own faction. So if you choose Istiana then you should definitely go for creating your own faction as it will give you more power.

If you choose Arzagos then the choices are pretty much same as before where you will be required to support a non-imperial kingdom or you will have to create one of your own non-imperial kingdom.

You can see the goals in both are same where you have to decide whether you want aid imperial kingdom or destroy by creation a rebellion faction.

Now when all the previous work is done and no matter what side you have chosen, the other task that you will get is about getting 100 soldiers, a level 3 clan and a settlement of your own.

There are two approached to this one, a very passive approach is to join another kingdom and work alongside it by completing quests for it and aiding it in battle. Eventually, they might offer you a castle as a reward for all your help and efforts. This is a simple approach to get yourself a castle.

A more aggressive approach is to fight. This settlement that the game requires from you is going to be a castle and it can be any castle. You will have to lay siege to it and defeat it.

First, you will have to be at war with the faction whose castle you want to lay siege on. To do this quickly, just use hostile action in any nearby village to that castle and then you can lay siege to the castle.

Now during the siege, you will have to build siege weapons and destroy the walls of the castle.

You will have to fight your way in with the full garrison and they can sometimes be allied by a nearby army as well which can be troublesome.

So always look for a castle with a small garrison to make it remarkably easy. Once the castle falls down it will come under your control and now your objective to get an imperial or non-imperial settlement is complete.

Now when you are done with all three of the above quest, your kingdom will be officially founded and this will open a large part of the game and now you will be able to work on diplomacy with other faction and also to increase your influence in order to pass policies and a lot more.