How to Start a Family in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

You have an option to start and raise a family in Mount and Blade 2 which gives you some benefits later on in the game. Starting a family and then raising a child allows you to continue in the game even after your death as a descendant. Below is all the information you require on How to Start a Family in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

How to Start a Family in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Now, obviously, if you are thinking to start a family, you are going to have to begin by looking for a spouse. You start by looking for a suitable companion for yourself, for which you have to go to either the castle or the large town.

Once you reach there, you request to see the lord rooms. Without having to go inside, you can just request to see someone.

All the people that are around, in the area, are going to be listed for you. You just have to select any member that has the opposite sex and then click on it which is going to show you the person’s Encyclopedia.

Through the Encyclopedia entry, you can visit the family section where you can look at all the members who haven’t been married yet. If he/she is married then sadly you can’t marry them and you have to look for another person.

Once you have chosen the person who you are going to make your spouse, you have to woo that person. To woo the person, be it as male or a female, you have to choose the correct dialogues which are going to attract them towards you.

You are given a couple of chances and if you are failed to do so, you lose their interest and again, you would have to look for a new partner. Another way to impress the person is to tell them poems or winning tournaments on their behalf.

You are given an option where it is written “My lad, I wish to profess myself your most ardent admirer”, you have to choose this option when you are talking to the person you want to marry.

Later she chooses to spend more time with you as you put out your proposition for marriage.

To get through it quickly, choose to leave the castle and save the came just to come back later and find the “So.. I’m glad to have the chance to spend some time together” option.

You will proceed towards a mini-game which is based on your social stats and chance.

If you aim for the yellow arrow which is at the highest level then you are going to receive the highest success rate and hope. Even if you don’t get it, since you have already saved the game above, you can always try again and get it.

After completing the mini-game, wait for 1-2 in-game days and then go back to her/him to talk to them. You get another mini-game and once you have completed that as well, you can save the game. And after this, your next quest begins which is to mingle with your partner’s family.

If you have a high level in the faction then good work as half of your work is done here. To get the approval of the family, you need to do some tasks for them.

When you talk to your partner about their liege then you are provided with a name in blue. Clicking on the name will show you the Encyclopedia of the person and now you have to check the NPC’s last location in order to track it.

Once you track down the target, you get the “I wish to discuss the final terms of my marriage with ……” option. This brings up the bartering screen which has a lot of options if you have money for that.

You have to keep on buying things until the gift icon turns green which means you have fulfilled the payment for the marriage to take place now. You both are married now and to take them with you, you can choose the Take Hero to party option from their portrait.

Now you can start having children and raise your own family. As you keep leveling up in the game, your family keeps evolving. Raising children means that you are raising your heir and if you die further in the game, due to any reason, your heir can takeover on the game.

They are going to inherit your wealth and land. Although the playstyle is going to change completely as your child won’t be an archer or a tanky character like you.