How to Sleep in Days Gone

Nighttime in Days Gone can be dangerous with Freakers lurking around at every corner. Some players prefer playing the game only in the daytime. In our Days Gone Sleeping Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how to sleep in the game.

How to Sleep in Days Gone

Sleeping can be sometimes necessary when you feel it’s not safe to engage or travel around. During the daytime, cultists are active while during the night, the Freakers are out to hunt.

If you feel threatened at any time of the day, you can always visit safehouses that are present in many different areas. You can find a bed and then interact by using the ‘Square’ button of your controller to sleep.

As you may know that enemies behave differently throughout the day. If you feel the current time is not appropriate for completing a certain mission, you could always skip time and try the mission again.

In other words, Deacon cannot face the threats that are awaiting during night time, especially Hordes which are really vigilant during the night can easily finish off Deacon.

Therefore, to minimize this threat, Deacon would prefer sleeping at night and exploring during the day when Freakers are away.

  1. If Deacon sleeps at night, he’d wake up at 7:00 AM
  2. If Deacon sleeps in morning, he’d wake up at 6:00 PM

Also, note that sleeping does not heal Deacon. While exploring try to find new shelter spots, whenever you face any tough adversary that you think cannot be defeated, escape the situation into a nearby shelter. Enemies cannot enter safehouses.

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