How to Share Screenshots, Video and Broadcast on PS4

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The virtual world of the interwebs knows no territorial boundaries or the concept of distance. With a touch of a button, you can share everything you do with your friends and close ones.

This concept has been integrated into gaming ever since online multiplayer interactions started, and it’s an all-important part of any modern videogame platform.

The PlayStation 4 is not alien to this concept, and has a fully designed system to share and socialize your experience with others, be it in the form of videos, pictures, or information.

There are multiple options available to a user for sharing, and as a social being (even though you may not associate yourself as one because, well, you know, you play games) you’ll be tempted to tell others of your experiences. This guide will cover the sharing and social features of the PlayStation 4.

Basic Operations
It’s important to know that sub-account users can save screenshots and video clips, but cannot upload or broadcast using online services. The services themselves vary according to your region.

The dedicated share button on your PlayStation 4 controller is the main way to initiate sharing and recording. There are various ways it can be used.

Short Press
The menu for the Share feature will be displayed, a screenshot will be taken, and you can save a video clip. A screenshot is saved at the moment the menu for the Share feature is displayed. If you are playing a game, a video clip will also be saved at that moment.

Long Press
If you press and hold the Share button for at least 1 second, a screenshot will be taken. You will be able to tell if it has worked by a small camera icon that appears on the top right corner of the screen. This will allow you to take a screenshot without displaying the menu.

Double pressing the share button will set the starting point of a video clip. This can be done for specific scenes you want to save. Press the Share button again to stop recording. The maximum amount of recording minutes are 15.

The way the Share button operates can be changed through [Share Settings] > [SHARE Button Control Type], once you have opened up the Share menu with a short press.

Sharing Screenshots
You can share your screenshot by either sending it to a friend via Message, or by uploading it to and online service.

Uploading a Screenshot:
Press the Share button on your controller, and select [Upload Screenshot]. Select the screenshot you want to upload. Then, you will be asked to select an online service, provided multiple services are available. You can add a comment to your screenshot, and press [Share] to upload it.

Sharing a Screenshot with a Friend:
The best method to share a screenshot with a friend is to send it in a private Message across the PlayStation Network.

Sharing Video Clips

Saving Video Clips:
The most recent 15 minutes of a gaming session are automatically recorded. You can save this recording by pressing the Share button on your controller, which will save that recording as a video clip.

The 15 minutes of the video clip may not display certain scenes. This is because there are some scenes in video games that cannot be recorded. If you wish to have a notification appear during the times you cannot record, you can enable the option from [Share Settings] > [Video Clip Settings].

Most players would however prefer using the aforementioned Double-Press method for the video recording.

Uploading a Video Clip:
You can upload a video clip by accessing the Share menu by pressing the Share button. Head to [Upload Video Clip], select a video clip, and edit it. You can trim the video clip and adjust settings for features such as posting a link to the broadcast, and also features for sharing on Twitter.

Select the service after this, and then Share the video.

Note that only 1 video clip can be uploaded at a time.

Broadcasting Your Gameplay
You can broadcast your gameplay by using online services and the sharing option. Press the Share button, and select [Broadcast Gameplay]. You will need to select an online service, and then prepare the broadcast.

For preparing the broadcast, you can adjust various settings. You can also adjust the quality of the broadcast by going to Options, then [Broadcast Settings] > [Quality].

Select [Start Broadcasting] when you are ready.

If you switch screens while playing the game during the broadcast, a standby image will appear to viewers viewing your broadcast. To stop a Broadcast, press the Share button again, and select [Stop Broadcasting].

Viewing a Friend’s Broadcast
You can view a friend’s broadcast by accessing the Live from PlayStation menu in contents, and then selecting the broadcast you want to view.

You have the option to search specific broadcasts to view, or you could select one that is streaming live, or engage in an interactive broadcast if possible.

When you are viewing the broadcasts, you will have several options of operations:

Become involved in games by using items.

Join Session
Join the game currently being viewed.

Start This Game
Start the game.

Enter Comment and Send
Submit a comment to the online service.

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