How To Setup PS4 Remote Play With PS Vita

Remote Play between Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita was heralded at Playstation 4 unveiling event.

Remote Play allows players to play their Playstation 4 games on Playstation Vita. This allows players to pause or quit their games on PS4 and start them on PS Vita without losing their progress.

You should also know that not every game supports Remote Play and you need to look for a Remote Play icon at the back of your game cover. You also need to make sure that your PS Vita should have FW 3.0 or higher.

Follow these simple steps to connect your PS Vita with Playstation 4:

Prior to connecting both of these devices, you will have to pair them up. To fulfill this purpose, go to ‘PS Vita Connection Settings’ and then select ‘Add Device’. You will be presented with a few numbers of your Playstation Vita screen which you will have to enter on your PS4 screen.

On your PS Vita, tap ‘PS4 Link’ and choose whether you would like to use Remote Play or Second Screen.

You can also connect your PS Vita directly to your Playstation 4 without choosing an Access Point. To do this, go to ‘PS Vita Connection Settings’ and enable ‘Connect Directly to PS Vita’.

And finally in order to remove the Remote Play, go to ‘PS Vita Connection Settings’ and disable ‘Enable Remote Play’ option.

Remote Play can be enabled while other users are logged-in your Playstation 4 and the same screen will be displayed on both the devices; whether it be Home Screen or in-game screen.

With the exception of L2, R2, L3, and R3; PS Vita has identical in-game controls. Instead of physical controls, these controls are mapped on your PS Vita screen.

Pressing the PS Button on your PS Vita brings up a menu with various options:

Button Guide: These will display the controls of the game a user is playing. You will also have the option of changing your controls provided the game supports them.

Live Area Screen: This will let you exit the Remote Play and return to PS Vita’s Live Area Screen.

PS4 System: This will allow you to navigate PS4 menu and just like pressing Guide Button on your Dual Shock 4.

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