How to Setup a Private/Dedicated Team Speak Server

If you are a part of a gaming team and want to host your own team speak server for the greater good. Then all you need to do is, follow these simple instructions and your private team speak server will be up and running in no time.

How to Setup Private/Dedicated Team Speak Server

Team Speak Port Forwarding
Before you start with setting up your private team speak server, you need to forward these ports.

Port Name, Type and Port*
TS server                   UDP                         8767
*Port can be changed from Server Settings in Administration Zone*.

Step1 | Download and Install Team Speak Server
Download and install Team Speak server from here.  For most users it is recommended that you don’t change any settings during installation unless you know what you are doing.

Step2 | Setup Team Speak Server
As you run the Team Speak  Server.exe file, a dialog box will appear, displaying your Admin and Super Admin login name and password.
Note these login names and passwords, which are also saved in your server.txt file in case you need. Close the Dialog Box and Your team speak server is live.

Step3 | Configure Administration Options
An icon will appear in Taskbar Icons indicating that your server is running, you can right click the icon to see the current IP’s and can configure ‘Administration Options’.
Administration Options are browser based, which means you will have to change these options via browser.
Team Speak Admin Options


Step4| Configure Your Team Speak Server
In the Administration Area there are three main categories,
Global Settings:  Which lets you change your server information like ISP Name and Country etc.

Servers: This tab lets you change your server specific settings like Server Name, Welcome message,  Server password , max users, server Type, Server UDP Port,  and you can also change each type of member’s Permissions.
Super Admin Manager: It lets you change your Super Admin Password.

After you have successfully configured your Team Speak server, others can access it via your external IP like “External IP:8767”. To know what is your external IP, go to and find out.
If you can have a Dynamic IP and you want to make it Static read this article on how to make your IP static.

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