How to Set Up a Private Lobby in World War Z

World War Z is a multiplayer shooter that lets you battle waves after waves of ruthless and hungry zombies who just have one task that is to finish you off. Like other zombie titles out there, World War Z can also be played online. For this, you need to set up your own Private Lobby.

How to Set Up Private Lobby in World War Z?

This World War Z Private Lobby Guide will tell you about Private-Lobby-making. After opening the game on the Main Menu, you’ll have to click invite which will create a team.

After the team is made, you’ll have to select the mode and mission you’d like to play along with your friends.

One of the annoyances, however, is the inability to password-protecting your Private Lobby to prevent random(s) from joining in – unless you’ve all four players in.

Bots in World War Z aren’t the best but they are skilled enough to take on even the most ruthless zombies out there.

However, even bots are annoying sometimes as they can’t be communicated with and will sometimes do silly stuff which will affect the team’s performance.


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