How to Respec in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

When you approach Final Fantasy VII Remake, you might not have chosen the playstyle that suited you the best; leaving much to be altered in the future. To help out with your decision changes, we prepared this guide on How to Respec in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

How to Respec in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Either your early skill allocation mistakes or you simply want to consider using a different approach to the rest of the game, you will want to respec in FF7 Remake considering you might be getting a bit bored of the same style again and again.

Since Final Fantasy 7 allows you; the player, to be able to respec their entire character from scratch, why not make use of the feature.

You are going to want to experiment with changing up the combat, trying out different skills, or simply just use the extensive knowledge of the game you have accumulated to try and stack other different skills.

It’s not until you reach a certain portion of the game’s story, that you can actually begin to respec your character.

The point at which you can do this is once you reach Sector 7 Slums. The character in question here is Chadley, who is an NPC with white hair, wearing a blue shirt, black shorts, and a brown backpack.

Chadley will initially have a quest for you to complete, once you do that, you can use him to respec your character at any point in time.

Doing so, however, requires you to spend gil. Chadley will also sell various items that may pique your interest. Initially, it will cost you a 100 Gil to respec, the number will increase as you attempt to reset your character more and more.

That’s about it regarding the respec idea of the game. Seek out Chadley, and try out that new build you’ve been dying to use.

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