How to Respawn in Call of Duty Warzone

A squad can almost never achieve its full potential if one of the team members die and subsequently dominating the battleground becomes a matter of luck only! Losing a team member during an intense fight can always be a setback for your team but don’t worry as in this guide we will show you How to Respawn in Call of Duty Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone battle royale brought a number of exciting features in this particular area of the game. Luckily you can bring back your dead teammates and put in your much-needed contribution to win the battleground.

How to Respawn in Call of Duty Warzone

The following are the ways with which you can bring yourself and your teammates back to the battleground in CoD Warzone.

Self-Revive Kit
This feature activates when you die the first time in the battle. You will be brought back to Gulag where your fight to make your way back to the battleground will begin. This feature is quite entertaining as you will be still making use of combat skills even if it is as a ghost.

In the Gulag, among you would be all the players that couldn’t make it in the battleground. In this mode, each of the dead players would go against other dead players in one on one match and the one who wins will get a chance to get redeployed in the Warzone.

The guns provided for the purpose of this battle will be random so you truly have to earn your chance of getting back to the battleground.

You will have to wait for your turn though till the players before you have had their duel. When it is finally your turn,giddy-up and win your chance to rejoin your teammates in CoD battle royale.

Redeploy Teammate
If you were not lucky enough and you couldn’t make it through the battle in Gulag, don’t be hopeless as there is still hope, only this time it has a price.

In this feature only your buying power will come in handy as compared to the Self Revive kit feature where your skills will get the job done to get you revived in CoD Warzone.

Anyway, you can buy your way back to the battleground in Call of Duty battle royale. You can purchase the buyback pack at the buyback stations where these are listed as ‘Redeploy Teammate’.

There are two drawbacks though of this feature though, one that it is extremely expensive and the price you pay if rather hefty and secondly, when your teammates are finally back they won’t have any gear or cash.