How to Reset Stat Points in Trials of Mana

In Trials of Mana, strength and power of your character depends on how you distribute your stat points. However, considering we all make mistakes, you might have distributed these stat points in the wrong place so here we will show you How to Reset Stat Points in Trials of Mana.

There are different effects of investing in a stat in Trials of Mana. But if you do not like your choice, there is a way to reset all your stat points. In this guide, we will go through how to reallocate your stat points in Trials of Mana.

How to Reset Stat Points in Trials of Mana

To reset your stat points, you will need to go and talk to the sketchy Fortune Teller in Merchant Town Beiser. Access to the Beiser town unlocks during one of the starting quests.

When you have unlocked access to the town, head to the Night Market. The Night Market is located in the southeast part of the town.

The Night Market can only be accessed at in-game night time. The Fortune Teller is also located at the night market so you won’t be able to find him during the day.

You can use Dream Reed item to switch from day to nighttime or wait it out at the inn.

At the Night Market, you will find the fortune teller in a corner, sitting at a table with her crystal ball. Talk to her and you’ll have the option to reset your stats for a fee.

You can reset stat points as many time as you want, so keep on trying out different classes to find your best one!

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