How to Repair Your Car in Need For Speed Heat

In the olden days, a player could drive as recklessly as he so desired; wanton destruction of life and property felt justified as your vehicle suffered no damage whatsoever.

However, that is not the case in Need for Speed Heat. In fact, the more you go around hitting pedestrians or any other object, the more damage you’ll do, the more likely it is that your vehicle ends up getting totaled (this can happen even when you’re in the middle of a race; or if you’re being chased by cops, you’ll end up getting arrested).

You’ll need to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and fix it whenever it gets seriously damaged. This guide will explain how to repair your car in Need for Speed Heat.

Repair Your Car in Need For Speed Heat

Let me preface this by saying that you don’t have to drive around tentatively. Your car is quite sturdy, enough to handle several bumps and crashes without any major repercussions, however, much like the human body, there’s only so much beating it can take before needing some sort of assistance.

Therefore, you’re not discouraged from driving around like an inebriated maniac, but you are discouraged from ignoring your vehicle’s needs.

The following tips will have you avoid disaster and allow you to drive with as much abandon as you did in previous Need for Speed installments.

When to Fix Your Car
First of all, you need to know when it’s actually time to do any repairs. On the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, there is a white meter that indicates your vehicle’s overall condition.

If the meter is completely white, then your vehicle is A-OK. But if the white is replaced with red, then it’s beginning to deteriorate. If the meter completely fills with red, your vehicle may completely lose functionality and that can be a HUGH problem.

Keep a very close eye on that meter; you don’t have to worry if you spot a red blip – it only gets worrisome when more than a quarter of the meter has turned red. That’s the time for you to start taking action in NFS Heat and consider repairing.

What to Avoid
Anything you can crash into will do some damage, however, there are certain objects that inflict far more damage than others. Any destructible object, such as trash cans or streetlights, will do next to no damage.

If you consistently run into such objects, the damage will accumulate and only then will you notice your vehicle’s health deteriorating. The same can be said for pedestrians – they really don’t damage your car all that much, unless you make it your mission to run over several dozen of them!

What you need to be mindful of are all the objects that can’t be destroyed in NFS Heat. This includes all buildings, natural objects such as trees, and any other object that can’t be torn asunder. To a lesser degree, this also includes other vehicles.

Somewhere in between destructible and non-destructible objects, vehicles will still do a hefty amount of damage but nowhere near as much as a building if you ram into it at full speed. Therefore, even during races, it’s best not to make a habit of ramming into other vehicles – do so only when you feel you have to.

Taking damage doesn’t actually affect your performance in the slightest, actually. What happens is that, once the meter is completely filled with red, you’ll be automatically sent to the Garage where your vehicle will have been repaired.

This doesn’t sound too bad but imagine being in the middle of the race, you’re on the final lap and you’re just a few meters away, and then – CRASH!

You’ve totaled your vehicle and you’ve been sent back to the garage, having forfeited the race. Yeah, it can be quite a problem if you go into a race with an already damaged vehicle.

It’s even worse if you’re being chased by the police; if you end up totaling your car while being pursued, then you’re going to get arrested – you really don’t want that!

How to Fix Your Car
There are primarily two ways for you to fix your vehicle, both completely free and surprisingly easy.

The first method involves you just heading back to Lucas’ Garage. Just simply going there will restore your car to pristine condition. You can technically do this while in the middle of a race but that’s not a viable option at all! The second method, however, is quite feasible.

The second method has you visiting a Gas Station, one of many spread across the Map. You don’t have to wait around or pay, just pass through the station and your car will be restored to full health.

This is something we advise you to do in the middle of a race if you’re close to filling the meter with red.

Don’t worry about ramming into the gas pumps, they won’t explode or stop you dead in your tracks – you’ll knock them over and continue on your way!

There are certain limitations for the second option in NFS Heat. Whereas you can go to Lucas’ Garage whenever you so desire, the same is only partially true for Gas Stations.

During the day you may visit a Gas Station as often as you like, however during nighttime, you may only visit a Gas Station a total of 3 times; going there a 4th time won’t do anything whatsoever.

Therefore, if you’re driving around at night, make sure not to get hurt too badly as you don’t have the luxury of using a Gas Station as much as you like – there’s always Lucas’ Garage though.

Once the night ends, the counter resets and you can visit the Gas Station at night 3 more times. Not a bad setup if you’re not an absolute psychopath behind the wheel, but if you are, then try going to Lucas’ Garage as often as possible.

There you have it, that’s all there is in repairing your vehicle in Need for Speed: Heat. Your main takeaway should be the following: don’t drive like a crazy person