How to Remove the Parasite Status Effect in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 has introduced new enemies called Drain Deimos, which are found in the Subway Power station. These spider-like zombies are parasitic creatures that can implant it’s eggs inside Jill Valentine, causing parasite status. This guide deals with How to Remove the Parasite Status Effect in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

How to Remove the Parasite Status Effect in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Once you use your lockpick for the first time to proceed in the story, you are almost immediately attacked by a Drain Deimos which infects you with the Parasite status in RE3 Remake.

The Parasite status is shown in the health bar with parasites inside the body. When inflicted with parasite status, Jill’s speed is slowed as if in an injured state, while covering the screen with red veins.

It is best that you cure the Parasite status in RE3 Remake as soon as possible as the slow movement speed can spell big trouble, making it difficult to dodge simple zombies.

The complete Parasite effects are not known, but the parasite effect definitely slows you down and eventually kills Jill if not cured in time. Your screen is an indicator as to how much time you have left as the visible area continues to shrink.

To cure yourself of this ailment, all you need to do is use a herb. It can either be a pure green herb or a mixture of green and red. Using a Herb is the only possible cure.

As soon as Jill eats the herb, she’ll vomit, probably expelling the parasite from her body. You can find two herbs at the entrance to the power station area, pretty much next to where you were infected and two inside.

Make sure that you stay careful, as you can get inflicted multiple times, even after the first time where you are attacked in a cutscene.

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