How to Relearn Old Moves in Temtem

Temtem is a huge game with a vast variety of moves and techniques to learn from, and in doing so you have to eventually forget some older moves sooner or later to make room for the new ones and to learn those new moves and techniques. If you wish to go back, we will show you how to relearn old moves in Temtem.

These Temtem forgotten moves are not lost forever and they are just gone temporarily to make room for the new ones but if you want a forgotten move back you can relearn it. Here we will show you how to relearn a forgotten ability for your Temtem.

How to Relearn Old Moves in Temtem

Keep in mind that in Temtem your squad can only have four moves equipped by each member at once. You can easily re-equip and relearn an ability which was once in use by your team and is forgotten now.

The good thing is, there is no limit to how many times you can relearn and remember a move and that means that attacks also function like some equipable items. Just you have four slots and you need to pick certain fours at once to use.

In order to relearn one ability that your Temtem knew before, just go into the squad menu and tap on the Temtem that you to relearn any old technique. Next, an info page will come up with stats, abilities and moves.

When you look at bottom right of the screen you will notice that there are two columns for techniques. The unnamed column is with all the already equipped techniques while the one named as Learned Techniques has all the techniques that the temtem has learned that you can equip.

Just drag any technique or move you want your temtem to learn from the learned column to the other and replace them with the existing ones. As we have mentioned earlier, you can do this as many times as you want and can easily and precisely customize your temtem moveset to your likings.

This is all the info in order to relearn any technique in temtem.