How to Recruit More Soldiers in Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is going to be a tough ride and you are going to have to make some hard decisions to get the story going and in order to do so you will have to lose some soldiers, so the number of soldiers is going to be a crucial part of the game. You will have a whole organization at your dispose to kickstart the recuperation of the whole of mankind after that deadly pandoravirus. And all that revolves around getting stronger by recruiting new soldiers, here we have the guide for you on how to recruit more soldiers in Phoenix Point.

How to Recruit More Soldiers in Phoenix Point

First of all, you need to make sure that you have completed this very specific part of the research so as to check that go to the research tab in the menu and make sure that Haven Research protocols are completed.

Make sure to check the complete tab if it is not in the available section. If it is not complete make sure to do it first in order to hire more soldiers in Phoenix Point for your teams.

After that you will see human icons if you zoom closer on the geoscope, they will be next to the newly discovered factions and it will be an indicator that now you can recruit more soldiers from these factions.

You will also be able see what kind of soldier is in a haven by clicking on the haven and then on the Haven info.

To get new factions and havens you need to explore them by anything like new missions, salvaging opportunities, events and lots of other things.

In order to recruit soldiers after you have explored the heaven and it is showing on your map with the recruitment icon as well, you will have to send one of your aircraft to the Haven from which you want to recruit and then select the Haven info and click the recruit soldier button.

Then the newly recruited soldiers will be automatically placed in your aircraft and don’t worry if there are more soldiers to recruit than there is space in the aircraft as all of them will be automatically transported to the nearest Phoenix base.

There is also a Specialist recruit as well other than the above mentioned regular recruits. These recruits are done from the faction havens with an Elite Training building.

Recruits offer some unique soldiers like Infiltrator, Synedrion or Berserker. These recruits also have a star next to their icon when you see them from Geoscope.

This is all you need to know about the recruitment of more soldiers in Phoenix Point