How to Recover Stamina in Death Stranding

Stamina is an integral part of Death Stranding as it provides Sam the ability to move around with more speed. There are two stamina bars in Death Stranding, a Light blue bar, and a Dark Blue bar. The light blue bar is a temporary bar that decreases when you climb high places such as mountains or when you hold your breath, while the Dark Blue bar is the max stamina bar. When doing tasks in Death Stranding, your stamina is meant to decrease once you get tired but, regaining it is quite simple. In this guide, you’ll learn how to recover your stamina in Death Stranding.

Recover Stamina in Death Stranding

Exploring in Death Stranding is a very difficult task as you not only have to look for dangers of MULEs, TimeFalls and BTs but also you have to keep a balance check on your weight, blood pressure and health level.

The most important out of these is your stamina. Stamina helps you escape adversaries, dash, climb and hold your breath under-water.

Taking full advantage of your Canteen can easily regain your stamina; Canteen that Sam carries has Monster Energy and also pure water in it that can refill your stamina bar.

Drinking water can help you restore your stamina but it will not affect the exhaustion Sam deals with afterwards. Therefore, visit the nearest city and use the Private room to heal.

Your stamina bar will automatically increase once Sam sleeps in the Private Room. This way you can travel even further without thinking about getting tired.

Keep in mind that you must use the water from Canteen more often when needed. If you locate a hot spring, be sure to hop in as they will increase the amount of stamina you currently possess.

When you’re in the wild, holding the circle can come handy as it lets Sam breath for some while and he may take a nap in a calm and soothing place.

Massage your shoulders/stretch your legs by pressing square, it’s quite relaxing hence, increases your stamina

You can reduce the use of your stamina by reducing your cargo load. Also, dashing can cause a decrease in stamina very quickly so, use dashing when needed. Climbing mountains, walking through water, all of these affect your stamina.

When climbing is required, you can use your ladder or rope which take away less stamina as compared to climbing by yourself.

As far as Going through water is concerned, you can simply stay still until your stamina regenerates itself. Once you’ve fully healed and your stamina has increases, you can return to delivering packages.

One more thing you should be careful about, you must use your radar to spot places where you can easily trip, as tripping can cause you to lose some of your stamina. So be sure to use this feature and continue the game.

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