How to Play With Friends in Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars is a multiplayer vehicular combat game that’s available for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 5. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Destruction AllStars up and running on your PS5, as well as how to get right into the multiplayer action to play with your friends.

How to Play Destruction AllStars with Friends

Destruction All-Stars is available for free right now if you’re a PS+ subscriber on the PS5. It may not be immediately displayed on the PlayStation Store, but you can do a manual search to find and download the game.

Once you’ve downloaded the game, let’s see how you can play Destruction All Stars’ Multiplayer.

Inviting Friends in Destruction AllStars

After the game has started, you must go through the initial tutorial before anything else.

After knowing how the game works, through the tutorial, you will find yourself in the main menu. This is where you can create a party and your friends can join in.

Touch and hold the Touchpad on your controller while in the main menu to open up the window that allows you to create a party and from here, you can search through your friends’ list and choose the friends you want on your team.

Once the party has been created, you can select the game mode of your choice and start playing successfully with your teammates that are exclusively your own friends!

You also have party management options where you can leave yourself or kick someone out of your team. To do this, once again touch and hold the Touchpad.

Is There Split Screen?

As of now, there is no split-screen or any local offline feature available in Destruction All stars.

You can only play with your friends by inviting them to your party online. Once the party is created, you can choose to play one of the modes that feature the multiplayer option.