How to Play Swing Copters: High Score Tips, Tricks, Cheats

Dong Nguyen has proved me wrong! Here I was thinking that this man has created the most annoying mobile game ever, and Google Play Store threw Swing Copters to my face.

This recently released game is equally enthralling like Flappy Bird, but far more frustrating. Where I did manage to attain 3-4 in Flappy Bird during my first go, this game didn’t let me reach a score of 2 for the first half an hour.

And just I was reliving the old experiences of playing Flappy Bird with far greater intensity; I calmed myself down, tried a few tricks, and eventually started getting better at it.

Here are some really common yet important ways using which you will not only avoid the risk of encountering potential frustration, but will also become a better player.

Don’t Let Your Rage Get the Better of You
This is by far the best advice I can give you! Flappy Bird was a buggy game and so is Swing Copters. You will often find yourself falling down even when you didn’t even touch a hammer. Just keep calm, try to take it as a game, and know that there are plenty of worse players than you.

Also, for some reason, playing the game on an iOS-based device is more difficult than playing on an Android-based device. So if you’re on an iPhone, try playing on another device and you will achieve eternal bliss.

Don’t Over-Exert Yourself
No matter how engaging this game is, dying over and over again, but not putting down your device won’t get you anywhere. Try something else or better; shut your eyes, kick back, and relax for a couple of minutes. Your anger will only make the things worse. Have frequent breaks between consecutive rounds and you will start performing better.

Rhythm is all you need
Swing Copters is indeed different looking from Flappy Bird, but not in its roots. You need to find a rhythm and stick to it! Also, don’t ever use more than 1-2 taps to go through a gap.

Don’t Ram the Screen
You will often find yourself hammering on the screen which will lead to longer taps and eventually dying down. From what I’ve experienced, short and quick taps seem to work the best, but it also comes down to preferences. Test out and see which kind of taps work well for you and then design your rhyme and stick to it.

Hammers are There Just to distract you
One of the most frustrating additions that you will see in Swing Copters is swinging hammers attached to each gap. These hammers move in different directions and if you try to focus on avoiding them, you will fail miserably. Your best bet is to stick to the middle air, and keep on going without putting too much focus on hammers.

Try it out on a Bigger Screen
Games like these are not meant to be played on smaller screens. I was instantly better when I switched to my Nexus 7 from my G Pro. Try out the game on an iPad or any other tablet device and you will notice the difference.

I’m sure by following these tips; you will not only keep your sanity intact, but will also emerge out as a better player. And don’t forget to share your own tips and strategies with me in the comments below!

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