How to Play Hood: Outlaws & Legends With Friends

Hood Outlaws and Legends introduces players to its dangerous PvPvE world with cross-platform features. With this detailed guide, we’ll be showing you How to Play Hood Outlaws and Legends With Friends.

How to Play Hood Outlaws and Legends With Friends

Crossplay is an essential feature for any multiplayer game on a console. Not only are you expanding your potential playerbase, but making the experience all the more fun for your community. Hood Outlaws & Legends offers crossplay as well as cross progression. Players from PC, and Xbox are all able to play against each other in one server. PlayStation will receive crossplay soon.

Cross progression makes the game extremely convenient if you’re the kind of person who likes to jump in between his gaming devices ever so often. All you need to do is launch up your account on another platform, and enjoy continued progress without having to go through the hassle of starting all over again in Hood: Outlaws and Legends.

Crossplay and Cross progression are the features that are very highly liked and requested by the game community from all the game developers. Hood Outlaws and Legends has done a very good job by adding these features to the game right from the start. One thing to keep in mind is that inviting your friends to play a cross platform game is not an option in the game for now.

Thanks to the addition of both these features, you’ll find the game highly populated with consoles standing united against each other in this multiplayer game. However, one key feature that is currently missing from the game is the inability to party up with your allies from other platforms. While you can still play with anyone from any console, you can’t choose who you play with unless they’re on the same platform as you.

This is a very temporary thing as it will be added in the game as the developers see a huge support of the crossplay and cross progression on their game from the gaming community. You can show your support and ask the developers to add the invite friends feature for cross platform play, you can go to Hood Outlaws & legends community forum and tell the developers yourself.