How to Play as Omen in Valorant

Omen is the regular flanker agent in Valorant, Riot Games’ forthcoming FPS, having a mysterious backstory and intriguing abilities that could make him special. In this guide, we will show you How to Play as Omen in Valorant and dominate your opponents from the shadows.

How to Play as Omen in Valorant

As the Shadow Hunter tag may propose, Omen has a quite subtle set of abilities that should assist teams with getting the advantage all through the beginning stages of rounds. Omen is a precarious client for unsuspecting opponents.

As Overwatch fans might notice, Omen is a bit of a mix between Reaper and Sombra with the ability to travel around the map and sneak around enemies.

Dark Cover and Paranoia are incredible abilities for raging bombsites and obstructing any individual who attempts to back you off. By energizing Dark Cover, you can without much of a stretch make ways into a site for your team with little objection.

Shadow Walk is by all accounts a decent tool to utilize when you’re in a difficult situation and need to get away. Despite the fact that it appears it will require some time to execute.

Omen ultimate is by a wide margin the most reclaiming piece of his kit – having the option to teleport anyplace on the map will come in extremely helpful when on the assault.

In light of that, you’ll need to play a more active style in the game.

Omen abilities are as follows:

It’s a blinding shadow that goes through walls. Omen send out an ethereal shadow in an orderly fashion that near sights anybody it contacts for a brief timeframe. It’s ground-breaking since Omen doesn’t have to put himself in danger to utilize it.

Shadow Walk
Omen dematerializes and teleport a short distance after the delay. It can be used to set a trap for the enemy.

Dark Cover
Dark Cover is a smoke that isn’t tossed. Rather, it’s placed in a straight line before Omen at a controlled distance. It cast out a dark ethereal orb that blasts into a sphere of shadow at its final location.

From the Shadows
Omen’s ultimate, From the Shadows allows him to teleport anyplace on the map, he will show up as a shade once he shows up and can get sent back to his initial area if he’s shot during this time. When the teleport is finished, he gets incorporeal for a brief timeframe.

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