How to Play as Cypher in Valorant

Valorant closed beta is soon to be released and there is a lot of talk around its very iconic set of new characters and completely unique player experience. In this Valorant Cypher Guide, we’ll introduce you to the character Cypher and let you know all its abilities, teaching you How to Play as Cypher in Valorant.

How to Play as Cypher in Valorant

Cypher is an intel oriented defensive character that plays at the back end of the team as a support player. Cypher’s abilities mainly revolve around placing traps locating opponents and gathering intel for the team to use.

Cyphers abilities are as follows;

This is a trap, like a trip wire, placed at tactical locations to restrain enemies that pass it and trigger the trap. TrapWire reveals the enemy that has been trapped and stuns them for a short while.

If the TrapWire is not destroyed by the opponents, it can be picked up for redeployment.

Cyber Cage
It is a throwable trap that is remotely activated which creates a field that blocks the vision and slows down enemies that pass through. This ability gives a massive tactical advantage and a lot of options of actions that can be performed.

You throw the Cyber Cage(s) and activate them on command by pressing the trigger use button, or hold the activate button to activate multiple Cyber Cages.

This is the primary ability of Cypher that allows it to locate as well as track opponents. The ability is used to place a SpyCam at a tactical location to reveal the movement of an opponent in that area.

Reactivation allows to view the cam feed and shoot tracking darts in the pointed direction. If a dart sticks to an enemy, it’ll show their location on the map.

Neural Theft
This ultimate ability allows you to steal intel from a dead enemy’s corpse. The intel stolen reveals the location of all the other opponents alive. This stolen intel is used by the whole team to locate and kill the opponents.

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