How to Play as Brimstone in Valorant

So if you have heard of Valorant, you must have also heard about the guy named Brimstone. He has the arsenal of orbital magnitude that can help any team in the combat and lead them to victory. In this guide, we will show you how to play as Brimstone in Valorant and destroy your enemies with this Controller.

How to Play as Brimstone in Valorant

Brimstone has an extensive utility belt that will ensure that his squad gets the most advantage in a pots-plant situation. We will tell you how to use Brimstone to your advantage and how to get the maximum out of this awesome character.

So you already have an overall introduction of the might brimstone so we will dive right into his abilities:

Brimstone Abilities

Brimstone is packing a selfless set of abilities that are there just to help his team in any way possible in a post-plant scenario. Here are his abilities:

  • Ability 1 – Incendiary: This ability will let Brimstone launch an incendiary grenade which will have a damaging field of fire.
  • Ability 2 – Stim Beacon: This ability will let brimstone target a nearby location to call in a stim beacon. So it will give all the nearby players a rapid-fire ability for their weapons.
  • Ultimate Ability – Orbital Strike: This will let you use your map to set a target location and then launch a devastating orbital strike. It will have a high damage pulse for over several seconds.
  • Signature Ability – Sky Smoke: This will let you use your map and call for an orbital deployment of smokescreens that will obscure vision. You can click to set the location and then set the target.

Also, keep in mind that Brimstone’s signature ability will cost you 100 creds for each smokescreen and also capped to just three smokes at a given time.

Well, you can see signature ability is quite affordable so it is ideal to isolate certain portions of the map when on the offensive side, this can be either when you are defending spike in a post-plant situation or while taking reactor site, so we recommend you take maximum advantage of this ability.


These following are the best weapons for Brimstone

  • Bulldog – rifle: This will cost around 2100 creds and has a range of 0-15. It will give a damage of 159 to head and 35 to boy.
  • Guardian – rifle: This is the medium tier rifle that costs 2700 and best one in terms of damage as well. It will deal damage of 185 to head, 65 to body and 49 to legs.
  • Phantom – rifle: This one will cost 2900 creds and has a range of 0-15 as well. It will deal damage of 156 to head, 39 to body and 33 to legs.

It is quite easy and simple to deploy this mighty character’s abilities, may it be sky smoke or orbital strike as he will just whip out his holographic radar to get the full overview of the map and target the precise location.

Keep in mind, as long as you target the location carefully and precisely, enemies won’t get a second chance at all and it is perfect if you are defending a reactor site.

All this is awesome but do keep in mind as well that Brimstone is more of a support character and designed to increase the chance of other teammates to win a round and is not an all-round one-man army so as long as you play him like a supporting character you will be fine.