How to Play Arena of Valor – Beginners Tips and Tricks, Best Heroes, Map Awareness

Arena of Valor Beginners Guide to help you learn you everything you need to know about How to Play Arena of Valor and some basic Tips and Tricks.

Made by the same company that created League of Legends, Arena of Valor is a MOBA game for the mobile. There are a lot of similarities to League of Legends and thus, those who have played the acclaimed MOBA will already be familiar with most of the mechanics of the game.

This How to Play Arena of Valor will ensure that you know what to do before you head into the game and that you can understand all of the basics that you need to know before your battles.

Arena of Valor Beginner Tips and Tricks – How to Play Arena of Valor

As you will know if you have played the game, you take part in 5 on 5 battles in a map that is quite familiar to those who have played a MOBA game before this one. The matchmaking systems are working well so chances are that you will be facing players of your own skill level.

Before we start, it is best to know how to last hit. If you have played a MOBA game then you will know that last hitting is when you wait for a minion to fall to its lowest possible health before you take it out, so as to ensure that you do not push your lane into the enemy tower. Now let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks which are imperative to your success on the field.

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Arena of Valor

Of course, simple stuff like claiming all of your Road to Glory Chests should not have to be told to anyone. You should get as many extra stuff as you possibly can in games like this.

You will also unlock the Arcana after a few levels which will allow you to get a couple of boosts for your hero and help you get that advantage that you get with runes and masteries in League of Legends.

Now let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks that will help you inside of the server.


This is the essence of almost all MOBA games. If you want to win, then you will need to communicate with your team. Having good teamwork is essential if you want to beat your opponent.

Try to build comps that work well and make sure you help out your teammates in other areas of the map. This way your team will help you as well and you can be way more effective than you would be if you were solo.

Focus on one Hero

You might want to try and use every hero available, but it is best if you stick to one and try to get a feel for his or her attacks and defenses. Eventually, you will need to have information about as many heroes as you can, but it is best if you try and familiarize yourself with one before you branch out to others.

Valhein can be a good one because you already use it before you play the game. Apart from that, Fennik and Gildur are two heroes which can be very good for beginners.

Be Offensive

Unlike PC based MOBAS, the last hitting does not work so well with a mobile. It is best if you try and wear down your opponent so that they need to go back. Try to keep track of when they have used both of their heals and then jump in to attack.

Early leads are very important in the game and are usually used to determine who wins the game. So, remember to be aggressive to get that early game advantage and ensure yourself an easy victory.

Use the Map Properly!

The jungle area in Arena of Valor can be used very well. Not only can you find a ton of gold in the camp, you can also use it to flank enemies and relieve pressure in one of your lanes. Sometimes it can be better to go back to the jungle rather than staying in lane vs a lot of opponents.

This way you can gain some gold and experience which could come in handy later on in the game. If you take a jungler, then your team could end up doing much better than having 2 people in a single lane.

Use the Pro Guides

You can actually use the game itself to find out which builds work best for a certain hero. You can also set those builds as your default buys so that you can easily buy whichever items the pros buy when in game.

The variation might be good once you understanding the intricacies of each item and how it links with a build, but building a pro build will probably be the better option over the default one most of the time.

That is all we have for our How to Play Arena of Valor Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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