How to Place Fields in Anno 1800 – Setting Farm Fields, Fix Missing Fertility Error

A thriving economy means everything in Anno 1800. Not only does this bode favorably for the residents, but your gameplay experience feels more satisfying if you’re making all the right decisions.

A big deal of the economic growth of the island in Anno 1800 is due to the many farms and fields that can be set up for plantation and crops.

In our Anno 1800 Farms Guide, we discuss how to set up these farming fields and maximize output yield by paying close attention to the fertility of the planted crops.

Place Fields for Farms in Anno 1800

Fields are the ideal way of harvesting vegetables and furthering them along to meet the needs of the residents. Animal farms like those of the sheep will also provide marketplaces with meat and fur.

This will boost their Happiness Level and result in a satisfied community. The first step towards creating a field is to construct an area for a farm.

For plant fields, like a 3×3 potato farm, the construction cost is 100 Credits and you’ll need 2x Timber. Once you’ve set up a farm, left click on it to see a small pop-up appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Here you can see the spinning wheel, to the right of which lies the product you’re creating the farm in mind, and to the left, is the fields you’ll put up.

Select the “Fields” icon and adjust your cursor across the farm region until you’ve chosen the right dimensions for your need.

Make sure the farm and fields are connected. Moreover, you’ll also need to build roads that connect farms to warehouses which will store production from these fields. Once the potato farm is built, it’ll require 20 Farmers and 20 Credits to maintain it.

Sometimes, your goal of setting up a certain food-type farm will be cut off short. This is because not all lands will support the fertility requirement for a food crop.

When this happens, you’ll see a message pop up that hinders you from plotting a farm. The “Missing Fertility” warning means you would need to relocate to a different island to set up a farm for the specific crop.

Apart from Potato farms, other crops that can be planted and cultivated are wheat, grapes, grain, corn, and hops among others.

Animal Farms

As for animal farms like sheep, the construction costs are 100 Credits along with 2x Timber as the pre-requisite. For maintaining the farm, you’ll need 20 Balance and need 10 Farmers working on it.

Planting fields for animals work similarly to those of the crops. The only difference is that Animal Fields are set up circularly around the farm area.

Pig Farms and Cattle Farms are also quite valuable for the residents’ food requirements and their Happiness level.

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