How to Parry in Bleeding Edge

Performing a precise counter in Bleeding Edge can save you from some super sticky situations, as it completely stops the enemy and lets you take a breather. To help you learn how to properly execute a parry in Bleeding Edge, we’ve prepared this guide to show you the exact technique to do so.

How to Parry in Bleeding Edge

The parry is one of the most fundamental skills to learn in the game. Once you master it, you’ll have a much better time in combat.

What parrying does is: it blocks the enemy’s attack, knocks them back and stuns them momentarily; allowing you to either punish them or get away from them.

Parrying in Bleeding Edge is far superior than evading. This is because evading uses up your stamina, so you can’t do it all the time. Parrying on the other hand actually makes you gain stamina instead.

So, if you’re wondering how you perform a parry, it is extremely simple yet quite hard to master. As an enemy performs an attack on you, press RT or left shift key while standing completely still to execute a parry on that attack.

The timing of the parry can be a bit tricky to get the hang of. It just needs a lot of practice so you can develop the muscle memory for it. Once you do, you’ll have a much easier time in combat.

To practice your parry, go to the main page and head to the Training Dojo (under the Training tab). Fight all the characters in the game to get familiar with the different animations so you can discern what’s the perfect time to press the button and parry