How to Make Money Fast in Shenmue 3

Whether you have a gambling addiction or not, you can scratch that itch in Shenmue 3. Since there are gambling areas in Shenmue 3, you can use those to learn a lot of cash in no time and become rich beyond your wildest dreams, in a game of course. This Shenmue 3 Fast Money guide will teach you how to farm money in the game and become rich.

Shenmue 3 Fast Money Guide

Do you consider betting too risky? Well, don’t you worry since the game includes Fortune Tellers who will tell you your Lucky color for the betting, increasing your chances of winning up to 2/4 or even 3/4!

Lie back relaxed and read here the complete guide, which guarantees you getting way richer within hours.

So the currency in the game is Yuan. First of all, if you don’t have enough cash on you, you need to earn at least 350 Yuan by doing the regular job of cutting woods.

To get the job of a woodcutter, head towards the Verdant Bridge. You will find the Tao Get Store there. Go inside and speak to Tao Guanzhong and he will give you the work.

Each time you chop the woods, you will be paid 70 Yuan. So you gotta do the job for at least 5 times to get 350 Yuan. Once you have got the money, head towards the left side of the Cow Paddock and you will find some gambling games there. Buy some gambling tokens from there. We would recommend buying up to 3000 tokens, which you can buy in 300 Yuan.

Once you have got the tokens, this is the time to get your Fortune told. Head towards the village square and get into the Panda signed street there. Going further, you will find a Yin and Yang sign (Half white half black sign). Go into that shop and talk to the Zhu Tianwen, who is your fortune teller.

Pay her and get your Lucky color from her. Remember the color!

Now behind the shop, going further, you will find a man offering a variety of gambling games. You should play the Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon game there, as it asks you to select the color for betting.

Make the max bets there without any fear, as your chances of winning are up to 3 wins in 4 games. Keep playing the games and you will be getting kilos of tokens! Even if you are losing some of the games, your overall progress will be in positives as you will be winning up to 3 games and losing just one.

However, keep an eye on the clock. Your lucky color lasts for 2-3 hours only, so if you lose 3 games in a row, leave the table and get your lucky color once again by the fortune teller, she will surely tell another color every time.

Once you have got enough kilos of tokens, you may leave gambling and then go to the Panda Market again to exchange the tokens into such stuff which you can sell, like gems.

Finally, you can easily get cash from the pawnbroker, which is just next to the Prize Exchange vendor, and it will be in thousands!

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