How to Make Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim

Iron Sledgehammer is one of the best AOE weapons with blunt damage that you can get in Valheim. It is the most recommended weapon to use against Bonemass. In this guide, we will help you know what resources you need and how to craft the Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim.

How to Make Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim

Iron Sledgehammer is a two-handed hammer that deals 55 blunt damage to enemies around you. It is one of the top A-tier weapons that you can get midway through the game with basic materials.

Following are the materials that you need to craft the Iron Sledgehammer:

  • 4x Ymir Flesh
  • 30x Iron
  • 10x Ancient Bark
  • Drauger Elite trophy

You can get the Ymir Flesh from Haldor, the merchant, for 120 coins each. Drauger Elite trophy is found by defeating the Draugr mobs found in the Swamp biome.

Ancient Bark you can get by chopping down the Ancient Trees in the Swamp biome, and you can smelt Scrap Iron to get Iron using the smelter

For more details on getting lots of Iron check out our Iron guide that details gathering it. It should help you easily meet the sledgehammers requirement.

When you have all of the required materials, go to your Forge and make sure you have it upgraded to level 2. Otherwise, you won’t be able to craft the hammer.

Interact with the Forge and go to the Craft menu. Look for Iron Sledgehammer in the menu and click on Craft. You will now have the Iron Sledgehammer in your inventory.

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