How to Make Best GTA Online Deathmatches Using Content Creator

It has been quite a while since GTA V was released to the market, since then people have found multiple ways to keep themselves busy and one of the most prominent features in that case would be the content creator.

GTA Online deathmatches are something that the content creator is used for quite a lot, and you will definitely benefit from some tricks of the trade.

Rockstar has listed down some of the tips and tricks that will help you make the best GTA Online deathmatches.

You start off with the basics i.e. name and description of the deathmatch, target kills, time limits, and so on. After that, you must choose the right place and put in the right props.

Lastly, you should make sure you test the creation as much as possible.

After you are acquainted with the basics, here is a list of design tips that will make your GTA Online deathmatches stand out over the rest:

  • Creating a balance is the key; ensure that no spawn points bear undue favors to one of the players so that everyone has an equal chance at winning.
  • Make sure you are considering elements like high ground, cover placement and sight lines; using these elements expertly can create interesting spots for people to benefit from like sniper points and chokepoints.
  • The radius of the GTA Online deathmatches should not be too big; no one wants to run more than fight while they are at it.
  • The number of minimum players should be in line with the area of the deathmatch; the smaller the area, the lower should the minimum number of players be – and vice versa.
  • Weapons that are powerful should be harder to reach, for example on top of a low roof. Also, pickup points should be in comparatively dangerous places, so that people can’t simply camp beside something like a rocket launcher spawning point.
  • You can choose to restrict the player to using one weapon only; select a weapon as the Forced Weapon in the details menu of deathmatch and change the Lock Weapon option to Forced Only or Forced + Pickups, depending on what you want.
  • Keep an eye out for places with a varied terrain; places that have more to offer inherently can always be a good deathmatch spot.
  • You can also add props that are dynamic; for example explosive barrels or vehicles with tactical edge.
  • Don’t put the spawn points at a place in the middle of the line of fire, it will result in instant death; but also avoid placing them too far away from the place where the real action is. Choose clustered places. Also, make sure that the player faces the action when he/she spawns.
  • Follow the rock, paper, scissors rule when placing spawn points and cover. Nothing should come with only benefits or only advantages against others.
  • Keep testing, and keep improving until you run out of the latter.
  • Make sure your GTA Online deathmatches are marketed properly; choose catchy titles, gripping descriptions and a wacky picture. Use channels like your Crew, Social Club Friends, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and everything else to make your creation appear before the audience.
  • While creating, make sure you change the camera to third person perspective time by time; this will let you understand how the props have been laid.
  • Don’t be tempted to fill up the area with exotic weapons and props; pick a balance, and for that, pick only what would benefit the cause of the deathmatch.

Are you going to try out your creative genius in the GTA Online deathmatches? Let us know in comments!

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