How to Level Up Fast in Infinite Warfare – Quick Leveling Tips, How to Hit Prestige Faster

How to Level Up Fast in Infinite Warfare to help you unlock the best gear and hit prestige before everyone else playing the game.

When it comes to ranking up fast in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, your kills, preferred scorestreaks, game modes, challenges, and medals play a huge role.

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Level Up Fast in Infinite Warfare

In our How to Level Up Fast in Infinite Warfare, we have detailed some quick levelling tips to help you rank up faster than everyone else.

Play the Correct Game Modes

When it comes to ranking up in Call of Duty games, some game modes have always stood out. All these game modes are essentially objective-based game modes i.e. Domination, Kill Confirmed, Search & Destroy, and Hardpoint.

While you can play any of these, I definitely recommend Kill Confirmed and Search & Destroy. A lot of players may frown upon the idea of adding Search & Destroy in the list, but the game mode is actually a gold mine if you are good at and play the objective.

Trying to wipe out the entire enemy team is a good thing, but you should also focus on planting/defusing which can get you as much as 500 points – massive, if you ask me. If you, for some reason, think that SnD is not your cup of tea, play some other mode.

If you do not like playing Search & Destroy, Kill Confirmed is the way to go. In some situations, I have found Kill Confirmed to be more rewarding than Search & Destroy. In this game mode, you get points for securing kills, confirming kills, denying kills, and letting your teammates confirm kills. There are a ton of ways you can earn bonus XP even if you are not the best player on the team.

Finally, coming to Domination and Hardpoint, you should not worry too much about your KDA ratio and solely play the objective. Do not that securing kills while inside a control zone earns you more points.

Play with UAV and CUAV

These scorestreaks should not sound new to you if you have been playing Call of Duty for some time. Both of these scorestreaks not only provide your team with the vision of the enemy team but also restricts enemy team’s vision. This eventually results in your team getting more kills and you getting points for assists.

If your teammates secure kills under the effect of your UAV and CUAV, you will get a whole lot of points which will serve you in the long run. To make it more effective, you can also use perks like Hardline in order to earn these scorestreaks faster and keep the cycle going.

Focus on Challenges and Medals

Similar to Call of Duty: Black Ops III, there are a ton of challenges that you can complete and earn huge amount of bonus XP. There are different types of challenges such as getting ‘x’ number of kills with a certain weapon, getting ‘x’ number of kills with a certain combat rig, etc. All these challenges are ranked from Bronze to Gold and you naturally want to complete all of them if you wish to hit prestige before your friends.

Even if you are not really focused on challenges, you will still be completing them by playing the game at your natural pace. However, it certainly helps to keep a track of your challenges and work towards a couple of them at a time. I recommend playing with a ton of different weapons, rigs, perks, etc. in order to complete a whole lot of challenges.

Medals, on the other hand, are tougher to track as compared to challenges, but also provide a nice little boost to push you above in the global rankings.

Double XP Weekend

Combining all these tips with Double XP Weekend can really put you ahead of everyone else in the game. Both Infinity Ward and Activision are known to throw Double XP weekends time and time again. You should definitely keep a track of these announcements either in-game or via social media and try to get the most out of them.

This is all we have on How to Level Up Fast in Infinite Warfare Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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