How to Level Up Fast in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Leveling up in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the essential component of excelling in the game as it allows you to unlock new skills that help you further in the game. To help you level up fast, we have put together all of the quickest and best ways to level up in this Ghost Recon Breakpoint Fast Leveling Up Guide.

Level Up Fast in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Most of the experience points you gain in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is from killing enemies in quests, and a lot of them. In this stealth-oriented game, the killing can get slow sometimes which ultimately slows down the XP income.

XP is extremely important for players in Ghost Recon because it allows you to unlock new skills by consuming the skill points. So, without any further delay let dive right into ways of farming the most XP.

XP Bonus
First and foremost, you need to know about the XP Bonus. It is essentially an upgrade that you can acquire and it increases the amount of XP you gain out of any action.

There are a number of ways to add the XP bonus. Below are a few ways of getting the bonus;

  • The first one is fairly simple. Just go to the skill tree and find the Experience Upgrade It adds +20% to your overall XP gain. you can simply add it using skill points.
  • In the gear menu, you will find out that every item of the gear, whether it is clothing or weapon, has a bonus rating. The bonuses vary with every item and some of them give small percentages of XP bonus as well.

Just scroll through them and find those items. Although the XP bonus percentage is very low, a few items add up to give a bonus of up to 30%.

If you have played the game for a while, by now you will be aware of the Bivouacs that are spread across the map. At any one of them, you can rest to bring up the campfire menu where you will find the Preparations icon, go to it, then select the Resources icon to get a +10% bonus for one hour for free. You can get it again when depleted.

XP Farming
You can farm experience points at the various crowded enemy locations. With all the boosts and bonuses acquired, XP yield will be much higher now.  All you have to do is find a location swarming with enemies and kill as many as possible and get killed to start over again. Maybe it’s a glitch or that just the way it is.

For instance at the start of the game, just after the helicopter crash in your first mission, you will come across a band of enemies in an opening by the water in the forest. You will get a warning about them as well.

There will be a lot of them, and they are not very easy. What you have to do is, from a safe distance, find a good vantage point in shooting range and start taking them out. Kill as many as you can before being spotted and killed in action.

But don’t kill them all at once. Even if you are able to, keep one of them alive. This way, when you are killed and you come back again, they will all be there and you can go all over again.

You can do the same at the Behemoth Defense Area.

That’s all for the Fast Leveling Up in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Leave comments to let us know if we missed something.

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