How To Level Up Fast in Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 is different with its unique Multiplayer approach. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have playing earlier Gears of War games because core gameplay mechanics have been tweaked to perfection (or near), which means you will have to brush up your skills and use new techniques to level up fast.

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Gears of War 3 Leveling Guide

  1. Unlike call of duty, you cannot act like a one man army. Stick together – as a team or you will not survive and you may get some extra kills in-between.
  2. Spot an enemy when you see him. If somebody will kill an enemy spotted by you will result in extra points.
  3. You can also increase your level and gain XP by playing other game modes. Let it be the Arcade Mode where every kill rewards you with XP.
  4. Since you get rewards for almost everything you do in GOW 3, being a medic is helpful too. If you act as a team-player and revive your team-mates often, you will definitely get an XP boost.
  5. Play the multiplayer with mods, as it’s very much easy as compared to real enemies and with the easy XP, it will help you learn the maps too.
  6. The more you invest in the fortifications, the more XP you get. So make sure that you don’t get greedy, at least not at this level. Leveling up other defense systems is also helpful.
  7. Hiding in the shadows is very handy, as you’re a newbie and lack the skill which others players have. This is not a proud thing to do but it helps to kill and gain XP.
  8. When you get the choice to choose between the warzone and execution, always take the warzone. Execution is tough and for that you’ll have to get closer to you enemy but in a warzone things are different and easy as everybody is of the same level.
  9. If you join a group of four and make a group/team then the success of your team results in extra XP to you, even if you have done nothing.
  10. Use grenades – especially when you’re playing the Thrashball map. Go to that cave-like corridor which has frag grenades, take them and tag a couple on the walls. Hide in the shadows so you are not seen and kill anybody who comes in. The grenades re-spawn after sometime so you can repeat this as much as you want to.

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