How to Level Up Fast in Black Ops 3, Prestige Fast With Quick Leveling Tips

How to Level Up Fast in Black Ops 3 to unlock everything. Learn how you can Prestige Fast with the help of our Quick Leveling Tips.

Tips to level up and prestige fast in Black Ops 3.

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How to Level Up Fast in Black Ops 3

With Black Ops 3, Treyarch has made it hard to level up in the game. Aside from kills, your scorestreaks, objective-based game modes, and various other things come into play.

This guide details some of the best tips for you to level up fast:

Play Objective-based Modes
Since Black Ops 3 puts huge emphasis on objective-based modes, the best way to level up is to play these modes. The first mode that you should play is none other than Domination.

If you’re only concerned about leveling and not about your K/D ratio, you should definitely try out the game mode and try to capture as many points as possible. But make sure to play a little strategically and not die a lot which will lose you the game.


You should also try and invite a few friends that will allow you to watch each other’s back, communicate, and strategize a whole lot better. The other game modes that you should try out are Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint.

KC offers you so many ways to earn points that it’s probably the best mode to level up. You get points for collecting confirming kills, denying kills, and of course getting kills yourself.

Hardpoint, on the other hand, is another excellent mode to level up real fast. You should always try to stay in the hardpoint, capture it before the enemy team does, and try to get kills while you’re standing in the hardpoint.

All these things will multiply your XP so fast that you’ll be amazed. Once again, you should play this mode strategically because the entire focus of everyone is on a single area.

You can also try Search and Destroy, but only if you’re good at the game mode. Since you spawn only once in a round, you’ll spend a chunk of your time viewing other players which is something you shouldn’t do.

If you’re good at this mode, this mode is actually is a gold mine.

Play with UAV and CUAV
Aside from objective-based game modes, you need to play with UAV and Counter UAV as your scorestreaks. These streaks will not only allow you and your teammates to have map awareness at all times, but you’ll rack up XP really fast.

For every kill your teammates get while your UAV or CUAV is up will net you assist points which will serve you real well in the long run.

Additionally, you can also choose perks which will complement your scorestreaks and you’ll level up real fast. In this way, you’ll also be completing Perk Challenges which will eventually translate into a ton of XP –- which is my next point!

Completing Challenges
Every COD game has these specialized challenges which let you earn a lot of XP upon completion.

However, in Black Ops 3, there are a ton of these challenges which include Weapon Challenges, Attachment Challenges, Specialist Challenges, Kill Challenges, so on and so forth.

The idea is to try out everything at your disposal, play with different weapons, with different combination of attachments, different scorestreaks, and different specialist, and all of this will come together and you’ll be making your way to Prestige in no time.

Black Ops 3 has a nice little menu which shows you all your ‘Near Completion’ challenges. These are the challenges that you need to focus on before moving on ahead.

One of the best ways to level up fast is to play with different Specialists.

The thing with these Specialists is that even if you don’t use their special weapon or powers, but get kills while playing with them; you’ll complete a ton of their challenges which will net you some decent amount of XP.

For this very reason alone, you should definitely consider playing around with different Specialists, get kills, and earn more XP.

Double XP Bonus
If you don’t mind spending money, you can also go ahead and buy Mountain Dew and Doritos which will get you Double XP bonus, however, do note that this Double XP only works for the game’s Zombies Mode and not Multiplayer Mode.

Also don’t forget to share your own leveling and prestige tips with us in the comments section below!

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