How to Level Up Fast in Battlefield Bad Company 2

For those of you who are willing to sacrifice their enjoyment just to level up fast, our Battlefield Bad Company 2 level up guide is here to save the day.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Level up Guide

Although the leveling system in Bad Company 2 is quite competitive, it takes a while before you reach 50. Still, there are ways you can do this faster then others, and that is the purpose of this guide. Key concept in Battlefield Bad Company 2 is team work which the game emphasizes on every level.

XP bonuses also depict the same, you can’t be a lone wolf in Bad Company 2, level up by killing enemies would be time consuming and frustrating. So, be a team player, read the guide below to be a smart team player and level up fast.

Leveling System Basics

Familiarize yourself with the game, the controls, the maps, and the game modes. If you have just finished the singleplayer mode of the game and joined the multiplayer server thinking things would be the same, get ready to be pwned. Yeah, you read that right.

First few days will be frustrating as you will be without prior knowledge especially when you haven’t played any Battlefield game previously. Get to know the maps, the game modes, the routes, and the secret or not that secret spots.

As a starter, try different kits to get to know the basics of every kit, before you finally choose one to level up first.

Best Point Bonuses

You get points for every kill (50 points). You also get points if you did heavy damage to a player but didn’t kill him. When your squad mate does kill him, you get assisted points.

The best point bonuses which will allow you to level up fast in Battlefield Bad Company 2 are:
Tracer Dart Planted (30 points): You can obtain these points by planting tracers on enemies, vehicles and infantry. You will get the points when they are dammaged by a teammate.
Objective Damage (50 points): You can obtain these points by dealing 25% damage to a M-Com Station.
Killed Enemy (50 points): You can obtain these points by getting headshots.
Revive (50 points): You can obtain these points by reviving a teammate, while playing as a Medic.
Squad Passenger Assist (50 points): You can obtain these points by being present on the same vehicle as your teammate, when they get a kill.
Squad Revive (80 points): You can obtain these points by reviving a teammate, from your squad.
Destroyed Objective (100 points): You can obtain these points by fully destroying an objective.

Game Modes

  1. Rush
  2. Conquest
  3. Squad Deathmatch
  4. Squad Rush

In rush mode, the objective is to either attack bases, or set a charge. Or to defend a set of bases and disarm that charge.

In Conquest mode you get points for capturing the bases, you also get points for playing good and getting insignias and pins.

Insignias and Pins are the medals/achievements of the game like, if you kill 7 enemies with an assault rifle, you get “Assault Rifle Efficiency Pin” worth 100pts. If you are part of the best Squad in a round, you get Gold Squad pin, worth 200pts.

Insignias give far more bonus points compared to Pins like, if you spawn off a squad member instead of base 200 times, you get 5000pts. But these points aren’t related to your kit though, its your overall ranking.

It will allow you to get your specification skills up to the par. Allowing you to gain access to different upgrades of the weapons as well as attachments.

Fast Level Up Guide

1# Make an assault or recon class with shotgun, join a rush game on attacking side. Choose C4 as your gadget, for the first spec pick the one that increases the amount of explosives carried, and for the second spec pick the explosion upgrade. Now, you need to sneak up on enemy objective and plant C4. If you detonate all six bars of C4 on your objective, you will receive 400 points for doing damage to the objective.

You need to avoid the hurdles in the way ofcourse, so go along the outside of the map until you are close to the objective. When you are close enough to the objective, you can use your stealth skills to plant the C4 or just run into them. You can also use small transportation device such as a quad or jet sky close to the objective and then hop out before you run into enemy.

Once you have planted all six bars of C4 on the MCOMM station, set the alarm, and find somewhere to hide where you can still see the station. Wait, until an enemy tries to defuse the bomb, then detonate C4. Initial damage starts off at 400 points, another 50 for setting the bomb, 50 points for enemies you killed, 250 points if the bomb goes off, and another 50 for enemies you killed with your shotgun while protecting the bomb.

If you don’t have time to run and hide, just detonate your C4, 400 points for C4 heavily outweigh -10 points for suicide. Practice on each MCOMM station, get to know the routes, the stealth and sneak peaks around each station to execute this method more effectively.


2# The leveling system in Battlefield Bad Company 2 emphasizes more on team tactics as is depicted by high XP bonuses that result from actions that support teammates. So, the best class to rank up fast during early stages of the game becomes Medic. Just drop medic kits at the action spots, and stick to your team mates to revive them. Each revive gives same XP as kill. Sticking with your teammates, and supporting them consistently, will give you even more XP bonus.


3# Chose to be a Recon ?, no worries. It may be long way to complete this kit in its entirety but you can level up fast if you act smart. There are two ways basically, you can do that.

First, join any Hardcore Rush-Team Death Match, its a good way to get lot of kills. Filter Isla Innocentes, Rush Mode, attacker side and join the game. Make your way up to the cliff on the right, this is a great spot to get kills while providing support to your team. Only thing that you need to take care of is, people who are attacking from the sides.

Second, when you have G3 unlocked, play with it as you would in case of assault.
But, you will have motion mines, to get more kills on the go as you would in case of assault. Try explosive damage specialization, use either C4 or Mortar strike. Use C4 to take down tanks and mortar strikes to take down buildings and objectives.


4# Chose Engineer ? no worries. You can use engineer’s to get an insane amount of experience and may level up pretty fast as compared to other classes. Get into a squad member’s vehicle, when it gets damaged, hop out to repair it instantly. You will get bonus for repairing squad vehicles but make sure somebody is in it or no bonus.

When the vehicle is taking fire, keep yourself behind the vehicle and start repairing, keep the vehicle online as you are given points constantly for your duty. Also, use the Anti Vehicle mines, drop them off on main roads to get XP bonuses when an enemy vehicle gets damaged.

5# Another way is to filter server for Arica Harbor, choose engineer kit, and throw down bunch of Anti Tank mines. After you have done that, switch back to Recon kit. Now when your Anti Tank mines will get kills, it will count toward your Recon score. If you find someone else’s kit on the ground, pick it up and use it instead of Recon.


6# Chose Assault ? well. Leveling up assault can be a real pain, especially when the gun you are given at start simply sucks. Anyway, you have lot of ammo, so drop off some ammo boxes anywhere and everywhere you go. It will help your team, and also help you getting points out of nothing. Spam grenades, Yeah! its cheap but, they are there for a reason that is what makes assault best infantry killer.

Take an all kit weapon (Shotgun, M1A1, Garand, G3, or M14), and C4 will come instead of attached GL which these guns don’t support. Setup big traps and use C4 for ultimate tank defense. Furthermore you can resupply yourself to have an infinite C4. So, its all points for you to take.

Depending on the ease of leveling up different classes in Battlefield Bad Company 2, it goes like.

  1. Engineer/Medic
  2. Assault
  3. Recon

So, now you know how to level up fast in Battlefield Bad Company 2. On final note, If you haven’t yet figured it out, only way to go is, be a team player. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a squad game, which strongly emphasizes on team tactics, and there is no way you can go solo.

Good Luck.

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