How to Level Up Base Fast in Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Earn Gratitude and Heart Items

In this guide, you will learn how to maximize your Dragon Quest Builders 2 Base Level fast. DQB2 sees you cultivating crops, building towns, and managing settlements for the local folk. By doing so, you would satisfy the population. In our Dragon Quest Builders 2 Guide, we have detailed some handy tips and tricks to level up your base fast.

Increase Base Level in Dragon Quest Builders 2

A few basic steps that must be followed in order to level up your base in the game include:

  1. Any accessible blueprint must be built on – expand on every single accessible plan.
  2. Deceased crops must be taken out immediately.
  3. A scarecrow must be placed around the area of crops.
  4. Finish any “Side Quests” by having a discussion with the villagers.
  5. All hearts must be gathered from the villagers.
  6. Smack the Town Bell must be smacked when the Hapiness Meter maximizes.

Your main duty is to maintain the towns and settlements in fair shape. This essentially includes clearing the places and the land of debris, tackle exploring for locals, cultivating crops, and constructing blueprints.

The level at which each town along with the settlement begins with is Level 0. In order to increase this base level, satisfying the locals is a must! The locals eject some heart items to show their satisfaction which must be collected by you.

The main purpose of these heart items is to level up the town – which is easily visible in the top-left corner of the screen.

An “X to Go” sign would be visible near the level of the local town. The purpose of this is to inform you about the quantity of hearts which are required to be gathered from the locals for leveling up the town.

Once the meter is maximized and you’ve obtained the required hearts, all you need to do is to run to the “Local Bell” and hit it with your hammer by pressing “X”.

The best methods of maximizing the Happiness Meter of the town as soon as possible include the following.

You should always be conscious and alert about your surrounding for quests. To know who has a quest to provide, an exclamation mark covered in red is visible on top of their heads.

Planting should be the main purpose accessible on all the land. You can also empty the areas that are not used for planting vegetables and other crops.

The townsfolk must be protected! You should keep in mind that monsters casually roam at night. Your duty is to get rid of them as soon as possible.

And finally, the main key is constructing a home. On the off chance that you can effectively build a house and embellish it with decorations like a bed, a light source, and household, you will gain the permission of the townsfolk with a mass providing you with hearts for your hard work.

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