How to Level Up and Claim Vault Chests in Legends of Runeterra

The weekly vault in Legends of Runeterra levels up which increases their value i.e. Rarity of the cards and the Number of Shards. Our guide will direct you on How to Level Up and Claim Vault Chests in Legends of Runeterra.

How to Level Up and Claim Vault Chests in Legends of Runeterra

Weekly vault is unlocked on a weekly basis and contain up to three chests in it. The chests are valued according to the level of XP you’ve earned that week to level up the weekly vault prize.

The vault levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond; in that order. Each contains a number of common cards along with cards of higher rarity depending upon the level of the Vault.

For instance, the Diamond chests have up to ten Common, five Rare and three Epic cards, along with a guaranteed Champion Card.

You can open the vault or check it’s redeem time in the right bottom corner of the Runterra Home Screen in the tab named “Weekly Vault”.

Leveling Up

To progressively increase the value of your weekly chests and to basically move up through the game, you must level up by gaining fast XP.

XP is gained by completing daily quests and playing games either against the AI or other real players. The XP earned add to the progression of your Weekly Vault as well as your overall game XP level.

The following are a few tips on How to Gain XP Fast and Level Up Quick in Legends of Runterra;

First off, if you haven’t completed the Runterra Tutorials yet, do them. They reward a little amount of XP, but will help nonetheless.

Daily Quests are the way to go. They reward differential amounts of XPs depending upon the difficulty of the quest. If you get an easy quest, you can randomize until you find a worth it one.

So, make sure to log in everyday for the daily quests as they expire every day, reducing potential XP towards leveling up your weekly vault.

PVP rather than AI. Generally, PVP matches rewards more XP than AI matches. For AI matches, the XP level is capped at 100 XP which is the chip for losing a PVP match.

PVP wins award a bonus 400 XP for the first daily win which is cut in half following that.

Play the Prologue and Region Games. The amount of XP gained in the Prologue games and Region oriented games also contributes to the Weekly Vault Level as it does to your overall Level.

Lastly, play as many matches as you can daily and always aim for a win as wins yield more XP.

Do this by crafting an unbeatable deck through trial and error and obtaining cards from the Weekly Vault every week.

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