How to Kill Titans in Anthem?

With the help of our Anthem Titans Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about defeating Titans in BioWare’s Anthem.

You might have encountered the Titan boss in Anthem and been unsuccessful in defeating him. However, don’t worry, you have come to the right place; we will help you! Not helping as in us defeating him but giving you tips on how to beat the monster without breaking a sweat.

Kill Titans in Anthem?

When facing Titan, you might have noticed that during the first part of the fight, his body is impenetrable. His normal form is of rocky surface and he takes less damage.

However, not to worry because just as he attacks you, there are areas on his body that start to glow orange. You might have seen this but are wondering so what of it.

The orange glowing areas on his body are vulnerable to attacks meaning that take high damage. Therefore, the way to defeat the boss is quite simple: you have to wait until it starts to attack and shoot for glowing areas.

However, do keep in mind of his attacks. He will attack you in Attack Mode and you can high damage.

Hence, you have to repeat this just wait for him to attack, attack him in his weak spots and dodge his attacks. But don’t try to get extra damage or might get hit by him.


In the latter part of the game, when his health bar is at a low, he starts to do area attacks which you need to dodge at all costs. It can cause a heavy amount of damage to the whole squad, therefore, be on guard of his attacks.

Be mindful of the small enemies about and attack him at the bright areas and surely you will be able to defeat him.

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